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Monday, October 21, 2013

Watch Out SEC Country it's the new MAUK U Shirt

There is a new beast of the east and it hunts not only west of the Mississippi but has been known to kill Dawgs and Gators with their old man football.  The experts didn't think they could survive in the SEC...well MAUK U!  Get the original MAUK U shirt only at

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In Honor of Jim Leyland Stepping Down Today as the Tigers Manager We Present This Classic Barry Bonds Confrontation

Old fucking school.  Winstons and Marlboros just chewing out Barry Bonds self entitled ass during spring training back in the early 90's.  Jim Leyland packed up his cigarettes and headed out of Detroit today and he will be missed.  The funny thing is if this happened today Leyland would have been crucified by the media and made to apologize for being a racist.  True story.  Also we would be talking about changing the name of the Pirates because Bob Costas got offended for Captain Hook.

Eight Team Playoff Would Look Like This

Ok so this is all hypothetical and I know the college football lords have only agreed to a 4-team playoff starting next year but this is what I envision as the perfect playoff system that would rival Super Bowl interest. 8 teams determined by the college playoff committee.

Now just going by BCS Standings this is what the first round match ups would look like:

1. Alabama vs 8. Baylor - Could Bama be on upset alert?  Nick Saban would have a hard time stopping Baylor's spread offense which averages an incredible 65 points a game.  Bama's defense has only given up 1 TD in the last 5 games.

2. FSU vs 7. Miami - These two rivals would be a complete mismatch in my opinion.  I just can't see Miami beating FSU this year.  Jameis Winston would have a field day vs a suspect Hurricanes defense.

3. Oregon vs 6. Stanford - Another rivalry game between conference opponents.  Stanford knows how to stop Oregon.  This would be another fun game to watch.

4. Ohio State vs 5. Missouri - The Big Ten vs the SEC.  For bragging rights.  Braxton Miller vs Maty Mauk.  The Buckeyes 25-game winning streak on the line vs a big bad SEC team.  Both conference fan bases would love for this game to happen.

Could you imagine the ratings for these games?  It would be through the roof.  Better than the NFL Playoffs in my opinion.  You could have Bama vs Baylor in the Cotton Bowl.  FSU vs Miami in the Orange Bowl.  Oregon vs Stanford in the Rose Bowl.  And Ohio State vs Missouri in the Fiesta Bowl. The winners go on to play semifinal games in New Orleans and Atlanta.  Final Championship game could be in Indianapolis or Houston.  It would be epic and it needs to happen.  4-team playoff is cool but an 8-team playoff would be the shit.

Bill Murray Body Slams Lee Corso on College GameDay Set

Well so much for another "game of the century" moment on Saturday night.  Jameis Winston and FSU came into Clemson in a hostile environment and absolutely beat the living shit out of them 51-14.  With the win Famous Jameis is your leading Heisman Trophy contender and FSU makes the big jump up to #2 in the BCS Standings.  This looked like the FSU of old.  They have their swagger back.

Anyways Bill Murray got a little frustrated with Lee Corso's FSU pick Saturday morning and pulled out some old school WWF wrestling moves on the old man.  Corso got the last laugh Saturday night.  Now leave it up to some liberal media d-bags to complain about the savagery of the Seminoles tribe portrayed by the white man here.  Where is Bob Costas when we need his unnecessary and uniformed opinion?