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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Duke Recruit Grayson Allen Dunks Over a Player, I Already Hate the Kid

Sorry but it's in my DNA to never ever like a Duke player.  Was this dunk impressive?  Yes.  Do white guys with hops like Brent Barry make my marbles tingle?  Of course.  But Grayson Allen will play his college hoops in Durham for Coach K and for that reason alone I already can't stand the kid.  My Maryland blood boils with the thought of Grayson learning the patented Duke flop.

PS - I was kinda hoping he did the Don Baylor stanky leg when he landed.  I never wish injury on any player besides Duke Basketball guy, Michigan and USC football guy, Yankees guy, and Saints guy.

Don Baylor Breaks His Femur Catching Ceremonial First Pitch from Vlad

Mike Trout's face says it all.  Holy shit!  I was watching this live last night and tweeted about it.  I've never seen an injury like this.  Angels' hitting coach Don Baylor broke his fucking femur catching a 1st pitch from another baseball great in Vlad Guerrero.  His leg literally snaps like a twig and forms a pretzel.  At first I thought Baylor was doing his Stanky Leg Dance or maybe he had dead leg like I get when I take a really long shit.  Nope.  Broken femur.  The biggest damn bone in the leg.  Get well Baylor.  We salute you here at SportsCRACK!

PS - Baylor is a boss.  You tell me another person who would just try to walk off a broken femur.  That is Superman shit strength.