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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Emily Ratajkowski Has Ben Affleck's Approval after seeing these GQ Photos

Model Emily Ratajkowski brought her A game for GQ.  She probably starved herself for weeks on end eating only lettuce and carrots like a bunny just so she could hit it out of the park in GQ Magazine with this spread...

And now Emily is going to be in a Ben Affleck movie because of how talented of an actress she is.  At least that is what Affleck wants you and his wife to believe as he is boning Emily in his trailer.

LOS ANGELES, June 24 (UPI) –Emily Ratajkowski can thank “Blurred Lines” for her upcoming role in Gone Girl.
The 23-year-old model came to fame after she appeared in the Robin Thicke music video in March 2013. Fans and celebrities alike took notice, and her beauty and self-possession helped make her a breakout star.
Ratajkowski covers the July issue of GQ, and director David Fincher also spoke to the magazine for the article. The model will appear as Andie Hardy in Gone Girl, a writing student and mistress of Ben Affleck’s character Nick Dunne. The director reveals that Ratajkowski in “Blurred Lines” was the first thing he and Affleck thought of when they cast the part.
“I was talking with Ben and what I wanted for the Andie role was someone who could be incredibly divisive among men and women in the audience,” the director says. “We needed somebody where, at the moment she appears, the women are going, ‘That is unreasonable and despicable.’ And you also have the men going, ‘Yes, but…’ And so Ben said, ‘Yeah, like the girl in the ‘Blurred Lines’ video.’”
“She was just incredibly mature,” he lauds. “She wasn’t smitten with being the girl of the moment. She’s no bull[expletive]. If [Dunne's] gonna ruin [his] life on a 21-year-old, they have to be special, and she was.”
"Incredibly mature" is code for Emily has great developed ta-ta's.  Good luck with that Ben.  Bastard.

Report: UGA and Notre Dame Have Agreed To a Home-and-Home Football Series

It looks like 2017 and 2018 could be the first opportunity for Notre Dame to schedule a long awaited SEC opponent in their backyard according to the AJC.

Athens — 

The universities of Georgia and Notre Dame are expected to announce this week they have agreed to terms on a home-and-home football series, according to various reports.
Mike Cavan, a special assistant to Athletic Director Greg McGarity and former college football coach, hinted of a “big scheduling announcement” from Georgia later week while appearing as a guest on “The Bulldog Roundtable” radio show on 680 The Fan on Wednesday morning. After the show, its host Buck Belue tweeted that the opponent was Notre Dame.
“Sounds like UGA has struck a deal w/ Notre Dame! Big anno coming next 24-48. Irish in Sanford Stadium, ‘Dawgs in S. Bend = awesome opp!,” Belue said on his Twitter account, @buckbelue8.
UGA officials have not replied to requests for confirmation.
McGarity has confirmed before that Georgia has been in negotiations with Notre Dame — and other major football powers — to play future home-and-home series. 

Most recently, McGarity was asked about the prospect at the SEC Meetings in Destin last month.
“I think it’s an opponent we’ve played, what, one time 1980?” McGarity told reporters then. “For our fans to be able to go up to South Bend, and for our fans to see Notre Dame play between the hedges, I think from a national perspective it’d be off the charts, as far as interest, as far as intrigue. That would be something out of the ordinary that our fans would be very, very excited about.”

But when asked then how close they were to striking a deal, McGarity said: “I think we’re just waiting to work through some verbal communications before we have anything in writing.”

Georgia and Notre Dame have played just once in football. They met in the Sugar Bowl on Jan. 1, 1981, and the Bulldogs won 17-10 to complete an undefeated season and eventually be named consensus national champions.

Georgia is currently in the market for non-conference opponents for the seasons of 2017 and beyond. Stay tuned for more details.

This is a series I have been looking forward to my whole life.  Notre Dame will play anybody, any day.  The problem is they always have a tough time scheduling SEC teams with the exception of Tennessee because those schools don't like to travel outside of the Southeast.  Well now UGA has finally stepped up to the plate and taken on the challenge of scheduling a tough out of conference game in Notre Dame.  Kudos to UGA and ND for getting this series on the schedule.  It will be one of the most watched games of the year no doubt and will have both fan bases fired up.  And to top it all off Athens is only a hour drive for me.  The Fighting Irish between the hedges makes for a perfect Fall afternoon.

Adrian Beltre Collects His 2500th Hit, Still Hates to be Touched on his Head

Be honest how many people besides Texas Rangers fans knew Adrian Beltre was closing in on 2500 hits?  It's a hell of an accomplishment from a great player and this might make the third baseman a sneaky Hall of Fame lock.  But if he ever gets the vote into Cooperstown he has to also have someone try to touch his head before handing him his plaque.  Miguel Cabrera, himself a future HOFer, gave Beltre a little head nod and you could see the pure fire in his eyes.  He's just angry as shit.  Love it.

Miami Hurricanes 5:30 AM Workout Looks Like a NightClub

I guess it's dark to hide all the hookers and blow!  No lie this is how you get recruits to come to Miami. Just turn your 5:30 AM workouts into a full blown nightclub with a DJ and everyone will be jumping at the bit to get up and lift some weights and train.  The Hurricanes and Al Golden are setting the tempo for modern college football.

Our "Catholics vs Criminoles 2014" Shirt Went Viral Yesterday

Big Thanks go out to all the websites and blogs who gave us the great honor of publishing our "Catholics vs Criminoles 2014" shirt on their awesome sites.

Check out some of these great sports sites:

Luis Suarez: The Bite Seen Around The World

Tuesday marked the third time in his career Uruguay's Luis Suarez has bit a player on the pitch.  This time it just happened to be with the whole world watching as Uruguay battled Italy and eventually eliminated them in a thrilling World Cup match.  Suarez is likely facing at least a two game suspension and perhaps as much as a two year suspension from Fifa.  How about we just let a bunch of rabid pitbulls attack the fucker and let him see how it feels?

Here are some of Suarez's other crazy moments.  This guy is a grade A douchebag...

This Might Be the Funniest and Most Terrifying Vine of a Kid I've Ever Seen

This little fucker literally scared the shit out of me the first time I watched it.  I don't recommend watching this human leprechaun while trying to pinch a loaf off.