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Sunday, December 02, 2007

The BCS is still the most fucked up ridiculous system made up in all of sports. The match ups make no sense and again the polls were a complete joke.

Before today Ohio State and Georgia were #3 and #4 in the BCS rankings. Today Ohio State is #1 and Georgia somehow dropped to #5 even though both teams didn't play yesterday. Ohio State rose in the rankings because of Missouri and West Virginia both choking yesterday but Georgia drops because they played a tougher schedule and in a tougher conference than any other team besides LSU. Makes sense right?

Of course not. Again the voters listened to the ESPN "experts" and decided to jump LSU, a team who a week ago lost for the second time in 5 weeks to an unranked Arkansas team in Baton Rouge, from #7 to #2 after an impressive win over Tennessee in which Erik Ainge gift wrapped, shoved his ass down the chimney, and delivered a win personally for LSU.

But the BCS Championship game is besides the point. What the hell is up with these match ups? Why can't we ever have the best teams play against each other according to rankings? How in the bloody hell did Kansas and Illinois make a BCS game over Missouri? Because the last time I checked Missouri beat them both and was just ranked #1 in the country up until a few hours ago.

Are you shitting me with USC playing Illinois in the Rose Bowl? Illinois does not deserve to be in a BCS game point blank. The Big Ten was shit all year and the fact that two teams from the conference made it just emphasizes how corrupt the whole system is. But at least we can watch Ohio State and Illinois get killed playing in stadiums which are essentially home games for LSU and USC. That seems fair, I can't wait to get my beer and popcorn ready for those games after waiting 5 fucking weeks of NBA highlights on ESPN.

I have no problem with Hawaii in one of the BCS games but I think they should have been playing in the Rose or the Fiesta Bowl. Don't dick over their fans by putting them in SEC country against a SEC opponent and make them fly 4211 miles to get there. We need to stop with this pompous Big Ten vs. Pac-10 bullshit in the Rose Bowl. I'm sick of it. Nobody gives a shit about it anymore. We want to see the two best teams play against each other in all of these games but instead we get to watch Illinois get destroyed by USC.

Virginia Tech moving up to #3 in the BCS rankings is garbage too. I'm sorry but there is no way in hell the Hokies are the third best team in the country. Georgia, USC,and Oklahoma would destroy Virginia Tech on a neutral field.

I guess the reason why I'm so sick and tired of all this BCS BS is because I love college football so much. I hate having to argue over who deserves what and why this team should play for it and not.


We live in the greatest country in the world (Sorry Canadians, it's a fact) and yet we can't get a fucking playoff system going in D1 football when every other sport has a playoff system. Ever since we strapped on our shoulder pads in Pop Warner football we had playoffs to decide who is the champion of the league. But the presidents and jack off bowl officials and major corporate sponsors have their money in so many deep pockets that we can devise a playoff system. Fuck them. Fuck them.

I want my playoff. I want it waiting in my bed, panties wet, legs spread and ready for me and my millions of other friends to watch it and love it.

Don't jerk me off with this bullshit BCS anymore.