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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wow, it's been ten years to this day that Chris Farley died way too early. I actually remember exactly where I was when I first heard the news of his passing. I had just drove home for Christmas break from college up in Maryland when the first thing my Mom told me was she "was sorry to hear about Chris Farley." Of course my Mom knew how big of a fan I was since I would go to see all of his movies the first day they came out. I just remember being devastated that such a funny, lovable, sweaty, fat guy who I never knew passed away. Hearing now that it marks the ten year anniversary of his passing means I'm getting way too old and it is time to pour one out for one of the funniest guys to ever grace the stage.

Here is a good tribute video of Farley I found on Youtube...

Tonight will be a Milwaukee's Finest type of thing going on for me.


This is by far the funniest Carl sketch from Adult Swim. By the way I noticed how Roger Clemens again lied today saying he has never taken HGH or steroids or any performance enhancing drugs. Clemens is now the #1 jackass in all of sports. You just past Barry Bonds for doucheness Rocket!