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Friday, September 18, 2009


This caught me by surprise today. Former Notre Dame fullback Marc Edwards was asked about his thoughts in regards to current Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen and his place among the greats to play for the blue and gold. I will let you read it for yourself...

Notre Dame has been starved for a winner at quarterback for a long time.

Ron Powlus had some big victories that I was a part of, and Brady Quinn put up some numbers and has some games that you remember, but you probably have to go back to Kevin McDougal for the last of the great winners. It wasn’t like he was a big passer, but that team won. He willed us to some victories. Even though he never put up huge numbers, that team won. So he gets a lot of credit for that.

Unless you’re winning big games, I don’t care what kind of stats you’re putting up. Unless you’re leading the team to victory, you’re not going to go down as a great Notre Dame quarterback.

That’s the first obstacle Jimmy Clausen needs to overcome. He needs a signature victory to be in that conversation and I haven’t really seen that yet.

He’s a junior, and he’s not even close to the level of a legendary Notre Dame quarterback. Not even close. Until he gets those signature wins, I don’t give a s*** how many yards you’re putting up, how many touchdowns you’re putting up. It doesn’t matter without the wins. If we go 8-4 and don’t beat anyone worth a d***, no one is going to remember and no one will care.

Yeah, he had a great coming-out party against Hawaii and a good win to start the season against Nevada, but neither of those are wins people are going to remember. We haven’t beat a major team since I can remember. A top 5 team, a big bowl game. Even if they would’ve beat Michigan this season it would’ve been better. Until he does that, he’s just a guy putting up numbers.

Is the pressure on Jimmy? Absolutely. But there’s never too much pressure on a kid like this. You sign up to be the quarterback at Notre Dame, and that’s what you get. But the second he starts winning, he’ll be getting the accolades coming his way.

I don’t know if he has that “it” factor yet. Any Notre Dame team can go out and beat up on the Nevada’s of the world, but until you go out there and compete against USC or Michigan or someone like that, then Jimmy Clausen will just be another quarterback.

First off let me start by saying I am a huge fan of Marc Edwards. I always respected the way he played the game for the Fighting Irish. Notre Dame always got a 100% effort from the big guy and he left his heart on the field at all times. But I think a lot of what he says is dead wrong here. Yes, quarterbacks are measured by wins no doubt. But you can't blame ND losing last week because of Jimmy Clausen. He doesn't play defense or special teams or wears the pinstripes for the Big Ten. He throws touchdown passes and lately he has been throwing a ton without turning the ball over. What else can you ask out of your quarterback? Just because Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl doesn't mean he isn't a great quarterback. Nobody is going to take Trent Dilfer over Marino. Nobody. Until Notre Dame develops some great lines they can't compete with the big boys on a consistent basis. This isn't Jimmy's fault and Edwards should have enough brains to see this. Clausen is handling all the "pressure" with ease at Notre Dame. He hasn't gotten in any trouble and it seems like his teammates really like him. He has developed into a leader this season. Yet to know all this and then to hear a former player knock him down is disappointing. Edwards has a right to his opinion no matter how idiotic it is. I would just hope that former players would show support for the current ones instead of acting like this. In other words, FUCK OFF MARC EDWARDS! You are either with us or against us. Please act like you are a part of the Notre Dame family and show your support. And please don't point out a quarterback who has Clausen's numbers (leads the nation in almost every important QB stat this season) and state that they are basically a failure if they don't win.

Just my two cents.


Georgia Tech football coach Paul Johnson finally let it all out last night on offensive lineman Phil Smith after he had a false start while Tech was attempting to go for a 2 point conversion while down 33-16. You could see the frustration building up all night for Johnson. Tech was getting absolutely manhandled all game. Their defense looked slow, really slow and their offense could not muster up a running game because their QB Josh Nesbitt looks like Reggie Ball 2.0 when throwing. This could be a long season for the Ramblin' Wreck if they don't work on their conditioning. They look like a bunch of toothless New York hookers out there.

By the way, what happened to Reck Style last night? Where was the hunger to win?


Big HT to Patrick for the video. I don't know about what you guys think but I am on the Jacory Harris bandwagon. Harris is just a sophomore and he has completely torn apart a FSU and Georgia Tech defense that before the season started were not seen as weak but Jacory has made them look like it.

Jacory just seems so cool, calm, and collected whether he is in the pocket or rolling out and finding underneath receivers open. After last night's game I would have to say that Jacory and the U are legit. They completely tore up a decent Georgia Tech team last night in Coral Gables that was pretty much the same team that tore them up last year to the tune of 470 rushing yards. If the Miami offensive line can keep Jacory's uniform clean then I wouldn't be surprised to see this team lose 1 or less games this year and be serious contenders for a BCS Bowl game. They still have to travel to Blacksburg to face Virginia Tech and then face Oklahoma in the next two weeks but if they can win at least one of those there is little doubt this team is top 10 material.

It's actually quite amazing too when most of the team is comprised of sophomores and freshmen. Head coach Randy Shannon is apparently no longer in the hot seat either. I'm actually kind of looking forward to the Convicts being good. It makes the ACC a lot more interesting and god knows they need something.

What do you guys think? Is Miami legit? Is Jacory Harris now a serious contender for the Heisman? Is that really a baby on that guys shoulders or just some coked out Mexican?