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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Extra Mustard points out this video from Sunday of FOX blowhard Terry Bradshaw making one of his useless predictions while everybody laughs for no apparent reason. Seriously, how do people watch these pregame shows? It's like trying to watch Dane Cook attempting to be funny. Fucking brutal. But not nearly as brutal as that shitfest called Monday Night Football last night. That was some of the worst NFL football I have ever seen. The Cleveland Browns should just move again. That franchise is so ass backwards it's not even funny anymore. Eric Mangini is a fucking moron. You want to know why their offense can't score it's not just on the QB (although I will admit Brady Quinn looked pretty bad last night) it's because you don't stick with one guy. You have Cribbs lining up at QB. You have all these bullshit motions trying to fool the defense. You really think you are going to fool a defense led by Ray Lewis? GTF out of here. The Ravens looked like complete shit too. I thought before the season started that they had a legit shot of going to the Super Bowl. They look horrible right now and beating Cleveland doesn't put roses on their pooh pooh performance.

From watching Notre Dame tank another season to seeing Michael Turner go down with a high ankle strain and Matty Ice throw yet another crucial INT to the Ravens looking like the Bengal's bitches it has been a tough football season for myself. If you would have told me Notre Dame, the Atlanta Falcons and the Baltimore Ravens would all have mediocre to bad seasons before the season started I would have called you Terry Bradshaw. Fuck it. At least the Atlanta Hawks and Thrashers are playing inspired ball/puck.