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Friday, November 15, 2013

Stevie Has Been Absolutely Hilarious This Season on Eastbound and Down

Stevie and Kenny Powers gotta have their FIXINGS!  Taters N Tits is such a genius move.  It's like the creator of SnapChat who just turned down $3 billion.  I mean who wants $3 billion when you can hold out for so much more.  Pure genius right?

Anywho Stevie has been fucking spot on all season on Eastbound and Down.  The contacts and fake chin just add to his mystique.  Stevie is basically the Scottie Pippen to Kenny Power's Michael Jordan.  The Lou Gehrig of his generation you could say.  Stevie is under the radar fucking hysterical.  Because make no mistake Eastbound and Down isn't winning without Stevie.  But even Stevie the loser he is portrayed to be can only take so much from Kenny...

Here are some more highlights of Stevie Janowski....Season 4 MVP no doubt.