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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nice Headfirst Slide Asshole

I think we just found the father of that baby thing I posted earlier faceplanting off the couch. I love the game of baseball but sometimes the people playing it just make us all look like assholes. This guy would be one of them.

Epic Meal Time Conquers the Sausage Fest

Bacon, babes, sausage, liquor, and a meat grinder. God I love me some Epic Meal Time. If there was a canine or two in there I'm pretty positive this would have been my heaven.

Earthquake Rocks East Coast!

From the sound of the social media world going off you would have thought Washington D.C. and Philly broke off and slipped into the Atlantic around 2pm. But it didn't. Nothing to see here. Move along.

NHL '93 with Jeremy Roenick

NHL '93 on the Sega Genesis is the greatest sports video game ever made. This isn't even up for discussion. And of course Swingers made it more famous with making Gretzky's head bleed scene. Roenick and Larmer were lights out in that game. Whoever was in charge of the rosters must have been huge Blackhawks fan because there was no way those two guys should have been more dominant than Lemieux and Jagr on the Penguins.

Anyways this reenactment with Jeremy Roenick was pretty terrible. So I'm going to leave you with the original. "Hey Mikey! Is he brown? Is he clean? I wanna see him!"

Dayne Crist Named Starting QB...Holy Shit WTF Is That?

I was going to blog about Brian Kelly naming Dayne Crist the starting QB for Notre Dame (apparently there were enough dipshits out there who thought Tommy Rees would win the job) but then I came upon this wonderfully annoying video on Youtube. I mean what the fuck is that on the couch? When it fell off the couch I completely lost it. I literally spit out my Moe's burrito when that thing from Goonies faceplanted. Is it a baby? An alien? The 3rd chick on Wilson Phillips? I have no fucking clue.

Notre Dame Full Size Shamrock Throwback Helmets vs Michigan for $99

I only have 5 left in stock of these Full size replica Notre Dame Shamrock throwback helmets. These are the helmets Notre Dame will wear vs. Michigan this season. Once they sell out they are all gone. Click here to order one for $99.

UPDATE: We also have MINI SHAMROCK THROWBACK helmets available for $28

Here is a little Notre Dame highlight video to get you pumped up about the season...