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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lingerie Football Is Now Officially More Entertaining Than The NFL

See this is what happens when you start letting women out of the kitchen.  They start to do crazy things like vote, drive, get upper management jobs and now they are coming for you NFL.  The No Fun League better watch their ass because the Lingerie League has some bad women ready to fight to the death.  I would like to see Ray Rice lay his hands on one of these girls.  Actually Roger Goodell would probably reduce his suspension if that happened.

USC Cornerback Josh Shaw Is A Hero, Oh Wait, No He's Not

Remember the old catchphrase "You Can't Spell Trojans without O.J" well it looks like captain Josh Shaw is taking one out of the old Simpson playbook and is caught in a lie about saving a family member.  On Sunday night news broke that returning senior Shaw was hurt because he had to jump off a balcony to save his 7-year-old nephew from drowning.  In the process of spraining both ankles news outlets across the nation including USC's own athletic department were quick to point out that Shaw was a hero for his deed and even had quotes from Shaw saying he would have done it for anybody.  Well the problem now is the story is not true and now it's being reported Shaw is a suspect in a burglary in which he allegedly got hurt.  USC doing USC things.  I feel bad for new head coach Steve Sarkisian.  No wait.  I actually do not.  Good luck with this cloud hanging over the program.