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Thursday, February 05, 2009


It looks like new Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin is ready for a gunfight with Florida coach Urban Meyer. Speaking at recruiting celebration banquet this morning in Knoxville, Kiffin claimed Meyer committed a recruiting violation while a recruit named Nu'Keese Richardson was visiting Tennessee. Apparently Meyer kept calling Richardson while he was on his official visit at Tennessee and it's against the rules to have any contact with a recruit while they are taking official visits to other schools.

"I'm gonna turn Florida in right here in front of you," Kiffin told the crowd at the Knoxville Convention Center. "While Nu'Keese was on campus, his phone kept ringing. One of the coaches says, 'who's that?' And he said, Urban Meyer."

"I love the fact that Urban had to cheat and still didn't get him," Kiffin said.

If you thought the rivalry between the Volunteers and Gators was strong before wait till these two fan bases start slinging mud at each other. Kiffin managed to seal the deal with Richardson and get the one time commit from Florida to sign with Tennessee yesterday. The new head coach at Tennessee is already starting to make SEC people notice him and he seems to be ruffling people's feathers much like Meyer did when he first arrived in Gainesville. Usually that means he is a threat.

Click here to check out the video of Kiffin this morning speaking to the Tennessee faithful.

At first I thought the Kiffin hire was a mistake because of his lack of experience going into a high pressure situation that is Tennessee football but now I'm thinking he is the perfect hire. Recruits seem to gravitate towards him and he is already riling up a rabid fan base begging for a winner.


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