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Thursday, July 14, 2016

College Football Hype Video to Remind You We Are 7 Weeks Away

Don't want but NEED college football back right now!  Today is easily the most depressing and boring sports day of the year with absolutely nothing going on.  It only amplifies how much I miss college football.  The good or bad news for some of us is it's only 7 weeks till we get our college football fix.

Had No Idea JJ Watt Was "Dating" aka "Groin Massages" with Lindsey Vonn

Oh JJ Watt you sly dog you.  Last night on the ESPY's (still have not watched it...ever) Tiger Wood's ex-fuck buddy Lindsey Vonn pulled the cat out of the bag on live tv and joked she gives JJ Watt groin massages.  Watt, who looked completely embarrassed because the whole world and his boyfriend thought he was gay, laughed nervously as Vonn sized him up in front of Hannah Storm.  Poor guy.  I completely know how he feels to be a famous rich athlete who women throw themselves at every day.  It's a burden we must persevere through that the mortals have no clue the will power it takes to be extraordinary.

Winifer Fernandez Looks Like a Talented Volleyball Player

The Dominican Republic not only produce the best baseball players in the world but apparently they got the upper hand with girl's volleyball.  Winifer Fernandez is a 21 year old beauty who can set and dig balls with the best of them.

This is what we need to see in the Olympics in Rio.  Less women's soccer and more women's volleyball.

Drunk Girl at Kenny Chesney Concert Tries to Defy Gravity

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