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Monday, May 23, 2011

Dan Adler pulls a Rudy reference

Dan Adler is a sneaky son of a bitch. He knows how the movie score of Rudy pulls the heart strings alone but no, he has to go out and get Sean Astin himself to play the Rock role. Game. Set. Match. Adler has already won a seat in Congress. Book that shit. Californians voted The Sperminator in office for God's sake.

Plus Dan Adler gets shit done!

Bikini Contest Fail

Graceful like a swan covered in oil.

Pinata Fail

See what happens when you make racial jokes in grammar school? Oh yeah I'm sure it was just an "accident." He just happened to let the stick slip out of his hand. I'm sure this kid will stop calling him "Toby" from now on.

What the fuck is that? Oh...just another Man-Child

Seriously what the fuck is that? It's like a giant baby freak. I'm almost positive Dick Vitale is a Tampa Bay Rays fan so there is no way it's him. Some people are scared of the dark and some are scared of death but holy shit I've got a brand new fear: Man Child.

Oh and if that's a mask it's the best one ever. It's too life-like. It's a good thing I'm writing this blog on the can because this guy literally just scared the shit out of me.

Kyle Singler Trick Shot Video

Now I am just getting sick of these trick shot videos. Maybe it's just because it's a Duke player and it's the one guy who looks like he could be a James Bond villian. I will give Kyle Singler some credit though. The jumping off the Olympic diving board and sinking one was pretty cool but the one off the top of the church is pretty incredible. I'm sure it took a shitload of misses before sinking one. Probably not nearly as many flops as he took in college. Anyways, fuck Duke!

Joakim Noah loses it, screams F*ck you F*ggot to Miami Heat fan

Talk about losing a series in three words. The Bulls are crumpling faster than origami and Joakim Noah is leading the charge. Well actually Derrick Rose has been anything but a MVP in this series so far. But it still doesn't excuse Noah from shouting out "Fuck you Faggot!" to a Miami Heat fan. Kobe Bryant had to pay a hefty fine for shouting it at an official. One can only imagine the fine will be much steeper for Noah considering he is yelling at a fan and it's in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Tom Brady loves his water slides

Come on Tom Brady. You are 3-time Super Bowl Champion QB and married to a fucking supermodel. Will you please act like one? I don't even need audio here to imagine what you sound like going down this water slide in Mexico. You remember Chris Tucker's character in The Fifth Element? If not then here is a refreshment for your bong and hops filled head.


Three Way The Golden Rule by Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg

God I love these Color Me Badd-like sketches from SNL's Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake. "Dick in the Box" was a classic. It still makes me laugh out loud. Now they got a "Three Way" going with Lady Gaga. Fucking brilliant. I still won't watch SNL since it's oh about 15 years past it's prime but if they keep producing these Digital Shorts with Timberlake I might have to change my mind.

Your Mom says hi! Jinx!

Cam Newton is a Justin Bieber fan

This is the moment where I changed my mind about Cam Newton. I've gone on record saying big Cam will be a collassal bust in the NFL. It's not necessarily his fault. The team that drafted him is in shambles and he doesn't have much for weapons. Take a look at what happened to Jimmy Clausen last season and Cam doesn't have Jimmy's accuracy. But now after seeing Cam sing Bieber's Baby Baby song I'm all in. Anybody that has the cojones to sing that shit out loud isn't afraid of anything.

Via It's Always Sunny in Detroit