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Friday, October 17, 2008


God I love this kind of shit. Jay Cutler and Philip Rivers are both young QB's on division rivals that obviously don't get along with one another and I love to see the animosity Cutler has for Rivers. The NFL has become too much buddy-buddy shit from opposing players doing prayers together to going out to dinner with each other's families after the game is over and stroking each other's cocks, er I mean egos. I like to see two guys who genuinely hate each other let it be known. It will make the games more interesting and competitive in my opinion. Soon the nation will be split on whether you are a Rivers guy or a Cutler guy. I think I'm a Cutler guy. Rivers seems like a mama's boy punk who talks shit and forces trades behind close doors. Oh wait, that was Elway and Eli Manning. Never mind.

Video HT: BroncoTalk


As you have probably heard the San Diego Padres are actively shopping ace Jake Peavy to a number of National League teams. Peavy, an Alabama native, appears to favor a deal to the Atlanta Braves who were his favorite childhood team. But the question remains what would it take to land Peavy, a former Cy Young winner and a top 5 pitcher in the game, and would it be conducive to what the Braves as an organization are trying to accomplish?

The Padres and Braves were both horrible teams last year heading in similar paths in my opinion. They are not getting any better and the only way they will get better is if they load up on some young talent. The Braves have some young talent in the minors that are within a couple of years of making some impact. I'm talking about guys like Jason Heyward(future corner outfielder), Jordan Schafer(future CF), Gorkys Hernandez(CFer acquired in the Renteria trade), pitchers Tommy Hanson and Julio Teheran. The Braves would have to trade at least 2 of those guys along with a current MLB player like Yunel Escobar, Kelly Johnson, or Jair Jurrjens in order to wet Padres GM Kevin Tower's palate to even consider trading the young Peavy who is locked up for 4 more years at below market value.

So would it be worth the risk for the Braves to give up all that young talent to secure an ace?

No. The Braves need pitching in the worse way. Tim Hudson, John Smoltz, Tommy Traitor, and Mike Hampton are all either gone next season or can't pitch due to injuries. Adding one guy in Peavy and subtracting a pitcher like Jurrjens doesn't make you any better it just makes you the Padres. Personally I would love to see Peavy in a Braves uniform but I don't think he will make the Braves a contender in the NL East. The Phillies and the Mets will be as good if not better next season when they add some free agents this offseason and the Marlins have a better nucleus of young talent ready to make some noise much like the Tampa Bay Rays are doing this year. The Braves have a shitload of holes already including starting pitching, corner infielders(Chipper isn't getting any healthier or younger), and outfielders and when you factor in trading your future away for one player it just doesn't make much sense. Now if the Braves want to open up their checkbook and start signing some significant free agents along with trading for Peavy then I can understand it but it seems like the Braves have no set direction ever since Frank Wren took over as GM.

I'm wondering what the other Sportscrack heads out there think it would take to land Peavy and would it be worth the risk? I know we have Cardinals and Dodgers fans on here among many other teams and want to hear what kind of players you think you would have to give up in order to land a Peavy. This isn't just a rumor of Peavy possibly getting traded it pretty much is in the works as we speak and a deal could be done within the next few days so I want to hear some opinions out there. If you are a Cards fan do you think trading Rasmus and some other pieces is worth it? Should the Dodgers trade Kemp and Kershaw for Peavy?

Post your comments below and let's talk about it.


At first I thought Markie Mark was kidding around and merely acting like he wanted to kick Andy Samberg's ass(or his big nose) for publicity but then I realized...Wahlberg can't act. Plus when ever a guy gets real personal like Wahlberg does about Samberg's big Schnauzer you realize that there is some real deep down hatred for the guy. Look Markie Mark, you need to loosen up the Calvin Klein's and get off the whole acting like you're a tough guy because you are not. Your fucking shorter than I am Keebler so go make me some fucking cookies tough guy. C'mon C'mon, cook it, cook it, cook the soft batch! Now I realize that the little pain in the ass character named E on Entourage is based on the former Funky Bunch member.

Great impersonation by Samberg by the way. If you close your eyes and just listen to him it sounds just like Wahlberg.


UPDATE: Apparently Wahlberg is a great actor and he can take a joke. Here is a SNL skit from this weekend where he makes a cameo that Cheesewhistle commented on...