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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

1. LSU TIGERS-Clearly the best team in the country till they lose to Kentucky...wait for it, wait for it...gotcha fucker.
2. OHIO STATE BUCKEYES-They haven't played anybody worth a shit but they have a really good defense with one of the best coaches in the game along with a weak Big 10 schedule.
3. CAL BEARS-I'm still not convinced this team is for real. Offensively I like them a lot, defensively there is nothing to desire.
4. SOUTH FLORIDA BULLS-I don't know what to say, I just put South Florida as a top 5 team in the country. I'm completely lost this season.
5. OKLAHOMA SOONERS-They rebounded against Texas and now face a stern test from Missouri.
6. MIZZOU TIGERS-Chase Daniel could become an instant cult hit in Missouri if he beats the Sooners.
7. BOSTON COLLEGE EAGLES-Notre Dame will get the chance to spoil their season for a change.
8. FLORIDA GATORS-I know they have lost two games but both came within the last minute in which they could have easily won both against LSU and Auburn.
9. OREGON DUCKS-If Desean Jackson doesn't exist they are sitting undefeated with a good chance at a National Title.
10. ILLINOIS FIGHTIN ILLINI-You know the season is totally whacked when Illinois makes an appearance in the top 10 along with Mizzou, Boston College, and South Florida.

This top ten poll has me totally lost, confused, and shaking like I just got violated by a drunk touchy feely Mark May at a Christmas party. I love College Football, but if this insanity keeps going I'm going to have to focus 95% of my energy on internet porn instead of the 90% I do now.

I will take a G and T now, thank you very much.

Big Talk

Three cowboys — from Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas—are sitting around a fire. The Oklahoma cowboy gloats, “Just the other day, a bull gored six men in the corral, but I wrestled it to the ground with my hands.”
The Arkansan replies, “Oh, yeah? Yesterday a 15-foot rattler came at me, so I grabbed it, bit its head off, and spit the poison into a spittoon 15 yards away.”

The Texan stays quiet, slowly stirring the coals with his penis.

Jessica Simpson likes it.

It has been too damn long since I've heard the sweet voice of Eddie Vedder. Here is his latest song, Hard Sun, from the motion picture Into the Wild.

Vedder did the complete motion picture soundtrack for the film which is out in theaters. The film is based upon the book Into the Wild, a story about Christopher McCandless who graduates Emory University and decides to travel to Alaska. In doing so he gives up a life of material worth to travel and see the world through the eyes of the lonely wilderness.

It's great to hear Vedder. I used to listen to all of his acoustic bootleg cds back in high school and this album reminds me of those days when I could actually grow my hair out and get drunk off a 6 pack.

You can listen to more songs on the album and order it by clicking this link.

I can't stop listening to the song Society, in fact I put it as my profile song on Myspace if you want to listen to it.


Now it's time for Manny Ramirez and the Boston Red Sox to fail miserably against the Cleveland Indians. I vision JD Drew ruining any chance for the Red Sux not by his play but by his general demeanor.

Oh, and congrats to Mike Mussina. He left Baltimore in order to sell his soul and win a championship with the Yankees over 6 years ago. As you can tell I'm still not bitter about it at all. Anyways he is now an after thought in New York who gets booed more often than Joe Torre and he is still working on that championship thingy.

My Orioles suck but at least the Yankees Suck also.