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Thursday, November 18, 2010


The greatest thing about King Felix Hernandez winning the Cy Young is the thought of Peter Gammons farting out a mixture of C.C. Sabathia and Jon Lester baby batter right now in shock. Hernandez was the obvious winner yet there are jackasses everywhere on Facebook (staring you down Kige Ramsey) whom bitch and moan about him not deserving it because he played on a losing team. Idiots.


Is this guy's name really MoonPie? What was Oatmeal Cream Pie taken or something? Holy fuck I use to love MoonPie back in the day but I think if I had one now I would be shitting for days on end. The song is actually decent. Kind of funny too. As long as Cam Newton keeps playing he will always have the last laugh. Personally I hope he does keep playing. The kid is fun as hell to watch. He's the black version of Tim Tebow except Tebow probably made twice as much as Cam did in college considering he was a three year starter.


I've been frantically looking all over the internet trying to find out when the newest Danny Boyle flick hits Atlanta theaters and I've had no luck. Can somebody please find out for me? The true story about Aron Ralston getting trapped under a boulder and somehow surviving by unimaginable ways is sure to be a great movie with director Boyle putting his touches on it. Some of my favorite movies include 28 Days Later, Trainspotting, and Slumdog Millionaire so you know Boyle will do a kickass job on this one. So somebody help a brother out. I'm not an idiot but for some reason this movie was released back in September or some shit and I can't find it playing anywhere.


Yesterday the Biletnikoff Award announced their 10 semifinalists for the best receiver in the country. And for some bizarre reason they left Notre Dame's Michael Floyd off the list. Yep, somehow Floyd is not considered a top 10 receiver in the college game. Holy shit I hate these fucking awards. Here are your semifinalists and their stats compared to Floyd:

Oklahoma State Justin Blackmon-84 catches 1430 yards 16 TD's
Blackmon should be the run away winner. Despite the one game suspension because of a DUI he has dominated every game. He isn't the best receiver in the college game but he is having the best season and deserves to win it.

Oklahoma’s Ryan Broyles-94 catches 1196 yards 11 TD's
Broyles is a good possession receiver and his stats are unreal this year. He is more a product of the system though.

Texas A&M’s Jeff Fuller-61 catches 923 yards 11 TD's
What a shock, another fucking Big 12 receiver. Fuller has good numbers but nobody in their right mind would take him over Floyd.

Kentucky’s Randall Cobb-66 catches 839 yards 7 TD's
Cobb's stats are about identical to MF. He has a few more catches and a few more yards and MF has more TD's. Ask any NFL GM who would they rather have and 99.9% would say Floyd.

Georgia’s A.J. Green-41 catches 674 yards 9 TD's
Green is the best in the game, no doubt. Even with Blackmon's season I would still say Green is the most dominant receiver. But shouldn't a suspension of 4 games for violating NCAA rules (albeit dumb rules) void you from contention for an award?

South Carolina’s Alshon Jeffrey-65 catches 1087 yards 7 TD's
No argument here. Jeffrey is having a solid season and is one of the nation's best. I would still take Floyd over him though.

Alabama Julio Jones-58 catches 799 yards 4 TD's
Floyd has the same amount of catches and yards receiving but he has 5 more TD's with a freshman QB in a first year system. There is no fucking way Julio should be on this list above Floyd. Julio is a good player but ever since high school he has been a little overhyped.

SMU’s Aldrick Robinson-50 catches 994 yards 10 TD's
SMU still has a football team? Robinson is putting up great stats in June Jones offense. So does every other receiver.

Hawaii’s Greg Salas-83 catches 1246 yards 8 TD's
No one is going to take a pineapple fucker over Floyd. No one. Nice stats though.

Western Michigan’s Jordan White-72 catches 1057 yards 8 TD's
I mean you got to be shitting me right? A Western fucking Michigan receiver! Notre Dame played them this year and Michael Floyd ran circles around White.

Notre Dame's Michael Floyd-59 catches 767 yards 9 TD's
Granted Floyd's stats are not as incredible as last year's winner Golden Tate but then again Golden was catching balls from Jimmy Clausen who was deadly accurate. Dayne Crist when healthy was streaky at best and now Floyd is catching balls from a true freshman in Tommy Rees under a first year spread offense under coach Brian Kelly and still is putting up comparable stats to the ten semifinalists. I'm not saying Floyd is the best receiver in the country (I would rather have Green and Blackmon right now) but he is definitely top 5. There is no reason he should be left off this list. The one game he missed this season was the Navy game. Notre Dame's offense was anemic because of it.

Floyd's combination of size (6'3 235 lbs) and speed (I'm banking he runs a solid 4.4-4.5 even on the shitty field conditions of Notre Dame) plus his hands makes him one of the top 5 receivers in the college game. Some people will want to point out a drop here or there or a fumble but every single player on this list has had those this season. In conclusion Floyd got screwed of the recognition he deserved. Now he needs to take out his frustration on Army and USC the next two weeks and show the country he deserves to be in the same discussion as the other semifinalists.