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Monday, May 02, 2011

President Obama Roasts the shit out of Donald Trump

Kudos to the President. He has a sense of humor. A wicked one. He knows how to talk like an intelligent human being unlike that SportsCrack fella. And by God he absolutely destroyed Donald Trump in this roast at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. I will just be up front. I'm not the biggest Trump fan because the guy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a fox on his head. He thinks he knows everything. So fuck him.

The President just tore you to shreds. Now the question is how will Trump respond? By calling Rosie O'donnell fat or bankrupting another casino? That's old hat for the Donald. Maybe he can run for President. He's already great at running up debt on his own businesses before they go under. In fact he would be perfect for America.

I would say it's been a pretty good week for Obama. He destroys the character of Trump and then kills America's #1 enemy in Bin Laden. Not too shabby for a guy born in Kenya.

Jason Heyward and the Stanford Tree SportsCenter Commercial

Listen I'm not the biggest Heyward fan in the world for obvious reasons but this SportsCenter commercial made me laugh out loud. The Stanford Tree has to be the dumbest mascot in the world. To see him crumble and fall as Heyward explains the bat processing of "they keep cutting...cutting..cutting" and "that's all laser....psshhhhh" is pretty spot on. It was kind of like when I was served by Heyward's lackeys. Hilarious yet unnecessary.

Video HT: Eric

Liar, Liar, Vest on Fire! Billboard

Talk about an all-time classic shot to the nuts via billboard. The Michigan/Ohio State rivalry just heated up a little bit more with this "Liar, Liar, Vest on Fire!" billboard off I-94. Now it's time for Ohio State fans to retaliate to protect their white knight in Jim Tressel.

Image HT to Jeff

Bin Laden is Dead

The Navy Seals ended almost 10 years of hide and seek with Osama Bin Laden. Fuck Yeah! It's a great day for freedom. Now let's go get Ayman Al Zawahiri. Fuck Yeah!

Here is a cool scene of Phillies fans reacting to the news of Bin Laden's death during the Met's game last night...