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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Vinnie Verno with his Alabama-LSU Lock of the Year

Bama -5 over LSU
Stanford -21 over Oregon State
Northwestern +17 over Nebraska
Arkansas State -17 over Florida Atlantic
Vanderbilt +13 over Florida

Leave it to Vinnie to make an Andrew Luck neck beard joke, a weekend at Bernies joke, and a Humpty Humpty dance joke all roll into one hilarious group of picks for this week. I hope people realize that Les Miles isn't really an idiot who eats grass on gamedays. Miles is just playing everybody for the fool when they think he is just some dumb shit on the sidelines when in fact he is a defcom missile ready to blow up Nick Saban and the Tide this Saturday in Tuscaloosa. Trust me it's going to happen. LSU will win.

Why you ask? Because before the season I took LSU to win the SEC and so far they have played one of the toughest schedules in the nation and have destroyed everybody in their path. Everyfuckingbody. LSU isn't afraid of Bama and can anyone remember the last time LSU lost a night game? I think it's been like 500 years. Take LSU. Do it.

A Behind The Scenes Look Into Notre Dame Football Includes Victory Crab Legs

I think I may want to change my thinking about college football players getting paid. Well at least at Notre Dame.

Holy shit these guys at Notre Dame have the life! Video games, massage tables, ping pong, and food for days including victory crab legs. Yeah I can see why Notre Dame does so well in recruiting even when they aren't meeting expectations on the field. With tuition, room and board, free clothes, and all the state of the art facilities and athletic trainers available Notre Dame football players are getting at least $100,000 a year in free perks to play football in college.

If I'm Keith Marshall, Gunner Kiel, Shaq Thompson and Arik Armstead I've already made up my mind after visiting the "Gug" and seeing how well the players are treated and trained. If I'm not being blunt enough I'm basically shouting "GO TO ND WHERE YOU WILL GET A DEGREE AND LIVE LIKE KINGS FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS!" There is that good enough?

Now I know why they call it the World's Largest "Cock"tail Party

Good for UGA finally beating a shitty Florida Gaytors team but what the hell is up with all the dugan aka sausage aka cock swinging around? I've never been to Jacksonville for the game but I've heard nothing but crazy stories and good times and these come from Georgia fans who usually come home with a loss. All I see is a bunch of frat boys barely clothed jerking off on each other. I'm severely disappointed. At least up in Athens you can see plenty of girls. Isn't the whole point of college is to get laid and spread STD's? I felt like I was hanging out in Rehoboth Beach watching this shitfest.

But anyways congrats to Georgia for getting a much needed victory over their rival. Next time guys try to bring some females down with you on the trip. And why did I not see any of these Gaytors shirts in the crowd?

Video via BarstoolSports

Kate Upton's Latest SI Pictures From Philippines

Those are the gifts that just keep on giving. If you are stealth-like just stop the video intermittently when she is wearing the fishnet top.