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Monday, February 15, 2010


Winter Olympics AD courtesy of MacGsWorld

As you may know the Winter Olympics have officially started up in the great province of British Columbia and just taking a quick look around the sports blogosphere it sounds like most bloggers hate it. While it may be true these Winter Olympics don't involve their precious football, basketball, baseball, or soccer it would be wise to get your head out of your ass and watch it before shitting all over it.

Personally I love the Winter Olympics because we get to see athletes not named Lebron or Tiger grab all the headlines. If you can't enjoy watching the freestyle moguls where skiiers go speeding down a hilly slope that would shred Tiger Wood's labia into quarters then you are a fucking communist and you should be deported to Cuba quicker than you can say Fidel Castro. No but seriously the Winter Olympics are fun to watch. These athletes with the lone exception of curlers who are really just like Nascar Drivers (they couldn't cut it in real sports so they decided normal everyday activities like sweeping and driving a car was something which only a small portion of the population otherwise known as rednecks and ratards would appreciate) spend 4 years if not more in their lives preparing for one moment of glory. Some fail. Some triumph. Either way the competition drives them to unbelievable heights and with country pride at stake I don't see how you could not enjoy watching the Olympics.

Even sports that some may call stupid like figure skating are completely mesmerizing to watch. You try skating on a thin piece of ice in a leotard while be thrown up into the air in order to land a triple lutz-triple loop. It isn't that easy stud. I can't imagine the hours of training and dedication that went into it so I merely watch and root for the Americans to kick some ass. Oh yeah, there is also nothing wrong with being patriotic during the Olympics. It's one of the few times you can shout "USA USA USA" into someone's face without fear of being persecuted for being a douche.

So if you are bored of watching meaningless NBA games and waiting for March Madness to kick in please tune in to NBC and watch some Winter Olympics. Don't be a communist prick or a terrorist. Be American. Watch the Olympics. On NBC.

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