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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Orioles Baseball Has Aged Robert Andino Apparently

And made him more grumpy. Don't get me wrong I like the Orioles but this is how I feel when I watch them the past...shit basically my whole life. Poor Robert Andino. He's lost the joy of baseball. By the way the "new" Orioles uniforms are the tits. They are basically identical to their 70's/80's uniforms with some minor tweaking of the cartoon bird.

Via Reddit

NMA.TV Explains the Bobby Petrino Saga

I could watch these Taiwan animations all day. In fact I think we need to start doing these for our news. They nailed the Petrino story with Jennifer Dorrell falling off the bike and the cash payment of $20k she received to be quiet. Hilarious.

SB Nation's Dan and Matt Tackle The Ultimate Sports Guy Question: Bro vs Douche Bag

Great job of analysis in the century old question of which sports figures are bros and which are douche bags? I couldn't agree more with what they said but I think we need to look at some more just for the hell of it.

Dustin Pedroia: Douche bag. On a team filled with plenty of douche bags he might be the smallest in stature but clearly the biggest in ego with Papelbum pitching in Philly now.

Justin Verlander: He won the MVP and Cy Young last year but more importantly he appears in a commercial with Kate Upton currently which means he probably fucked her so he definitely has ultimate BRO status.

Lebron James: Lebron is the rich kid that wants everyone to love him but everybody fucking hates him including his teammates so he is most certainly a DOUCHE BAG.

Urban Meyer: Not as easy to pick this one as you might expect. Sure Urban lies to recruits and he also left Florida in shambles but he won more National Titles in half the time as the Ole Ball Coach so I would say that is pretty BRO -like. With that being said if he isn't currently coaching your team then we can all agree he is a douche bag.

Feel free to add your comments below on this life or death question. And be sure to check out SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein and Matt Ufford if you are a BRO. If your a DOUCHE BAG go check them out too.

Not Your Grandfather's Naval Academy, Navy Football Players Break Out In Dance for New Stretch Routine

The Naval Academy is not for the faint of heart when it comes to the physical, academic, and schedule demands it puts on it's Midshipmen to perform every day. Luckily for the football team head coach Ken Niumatalolo has a new stretch routine that breaks up the monotony that is every day life in Annapolis, MD. With just under 5 months left to prepare for a trip to Ireland to play Notre Dame in their season opener this Navy team proved it's not your grandfather's Navy. They get down. Ladies be afraid. Very afraid.

Video via HotClicks

Michigan Is Now Using Twitter Hashtags on their Football Field

Michigan Football on WhoSay

If this happened at Notre Dame the collective pop you just heard would be the brains of thousands of alumni's heads bursting in rage at the sight of a twitter hashtag spoiling the godly soil of the football stadium. The hashtag is suppose to be used solely for the Spring Game. When Denard Robinson got word their would be hash on the field he immediately went out and tried to smoke it. Idiot. Everyone knows the Michigan grass is artificial.

LSUFreek on the Bobby Petrino Crash

The story that just keeps on giving. I promise I'll eventually stop talking about Bobby Petrino but I can't not post this great LSUFreek gif. With Petrino now gone I've been hearing some whore mongering rumors on the interweb that there was no motorcycle accident. Jessica Dorrell's fiance found out about the affair and beat the shit out of Petrino seems plausible. I mean how does Dorrell not have a scratch on her if she was in the accident with Petrino? Petrino suffered broken ribs so those had to be kicks in the gut while on the ground crying for mercy right?

BTW I love the Bill Clinton thumbs up. It just tops it all off for me. Complete epic gif from LSUFreek.