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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Albert Pujols Signs With The Angels...Seriously?

Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports is reporting that soon to be 32 year old slugger Albert Pujols has agreed to a 10 year deal for between $250 million to $260 with the Los Angeles Angels.

Holy fucking shit!

This is the second biggest contract in MLB history just behind A-Rod's $275 million with the Yankees in 2008. And just like A-Rod's contract I don't think Pujols will live up to it because of his age.

I don't feel bad for the St. Louis Cardinals because honestly they got the 11 best years of Pujols career (maybe the 11 best years of any player in MLB history) with two World Series titles. He isn't going to get better with age and be happy Cardinals fans because you would have been screwed with an albatross contract like Pujols hanging over the arch for the next decade. Now you just have to deal with Matt Holliday's overbloated contract.

I guess the Angels are going for it all. Rumor is they are close to signing lefty CJ Wilson to be their #2 starter for over $100 million also. In a shitty economy it still baffles me these teams can afford these contracts. Attendance was down everywhere in MLB parks. Less people are watching. I've been a diehard baseball fan since I was born and even now I can fully admit that baseball pales in comparison to interest to College Football and the NFL. It's a great move for Pujols since he can DH in 2-3 years when his legs will be fucked and the years of performance enhancing drugs catch up with him.

So now if you are the Cardinals you make a call to Prince Fielder's agent. The big guy would be a St. Louis hero just because he decided to come to the Cardinals when Pujols would rather leave because the money was greener on the West Coast.