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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Subway foot longs to be exact. Here is a video of Griffin playing S-U-B-W-A-Y, known as HORSE to everyone else, against pitchman Jared Fogle in the mean streets of New York City. I say mean because Jared is a mean mofo and I see more black people than white people in this video...

Tonight as you probably know is the NBA Draft. There should be plenty of trades and speculation leading up to it. Apparently Shaq is going to Cleveland to play with Lebron which would be significant if it was the Shaq from a decade ago. The Atlanta Hawks are getting Jamal Crawford from Golden State and quite possibly, fingers crossed, they could pick up UNC guard Ty Lawson with the #19 pick. Lawson is by far my favorite player in this draft and I don't even like the Tarheels. I hope the Hawks get Lawson so they don't have to resign Mike Bibby. Knowing the Hawks luck Lawson will be picked at #18 and they will go with Tyler Hansbrough who will have a career on par with Adam Morrison. Wait a second, Morrison just won a ring playing the bench for the Lakers. I could dig that.


Don't ever say I fail to post anything about tennis. Here is a Wimbledon highlight of tennis player Michael Llodra taking out the ballgirl...

If you are going to hit it that hard Llodra at least by "court"eous and leave a number on her nightstand.