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Monday, July 19, 2010


Former Florida Gator not only embarrassed himself on draft day by making out with his twin brother on national television but was already taking money from an agent before the Gators played in the Sugar Bowl.

Florida and NCAA officials are investigating a potential rules violation that allegedly occurred last December involving former Gators football standout Maurkice Pouncey, sources said.

Florida is internally investigating what sources described as an allegation that a representative of an agent paid Pouncey $100,000 between the Gators' loss to Alabama in the Southeastern Conference championship game to Alabama and their season-ending Sugar Bowl victory over Cincinnati. Florida apprised the NCAA of the allegation after it became aware of it.

It sounds like the worst that could come from this is Florida vacating the Sugar Bowl win over Cincinnati if in fact he took the money after the SEC Championship. Urban Meyer will have a lot of questions to answer on this and I'm sure he will deflect all of it to Tim Tebow's outstanding character. Urban will now be upping his anti-anxiety medication.

This kind of shit happens all the time especially with a football factory like Florida. Agents are garbage and it wouldn't shock me to hear if another school somehow orchestrated it. Of course Pouncey is an idiot if he took the money but then again he was in a double wide for his NFL draft party so we all should have seen this guy wasn't exactly the smartest jock on the Gator's football team.

I would think not much is going to happen with this in the long run unless Florida pulls a Trojan and tries to deny, deny, and again deny anything improper happened with Pouncey and the agent. After seeing what has happened to USC it would be prudent for Florida to report everything they know to the NCAA.


If this was on that horrible show on FOX then just maybe...big maybe...I would watch it. I hate musicals but I like funny. Pretty simple.