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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I Don't Think I Could Hang In This Game: Sepaktakraw

I consider myself somewhat athletic for a white guy in his 30's but even in my prime there is no fucking way I could play this game. I would have a torn groin on opening kickoff. Granted I pull my hammy these days when I fart so you can see how "athletic" I am.

Video HT: Dave

Maryland Now Has Orioles Mascot License Plates

If I still lived in Maryland I would definitely have one of these sweet new Orioles license plates offered by the Maryland DMV. But since I don't the question needs to be asked: When can I get a Braves one down here in Georgia? I don't want one with the tomahawk or the cursive A on it. I want the old school Braves chief Knockahoma as seen here. Georgia DMV has to make it happen. Hell you can make it politically correct by putting a slot machine or some empty beer cans near his face.


Hey Kentucky fans have you ever wondered "WHAT CAN BROW DO FOR YOU?" Well he answered the question last night by delivering the 8th Championship in a season that ended in #1 AND DONE! Get the official UNIBROW Kentucky shirt here!

The NCAA Puts Education First, Spells Atlanta Wrong

Darren Rovell on WhoSay

It's good to know the Final Four will be in Alanta next year before I went ahead and dished out thousands for tickets to Atlanta.

One Shining Moment 2012

Kentucky won their 8th championship and first since 1998 last night and blah blah blah. This past season in college basketball was largely unremarkable. I guess the season will go down as Kentucky's "Won and Done" with John Calipari finally getting his slimy hands on his first championship but this tournament was pretty much boring as shit. I know college basketball won't change their rules but I would love to see what baseball has. Either you come out in the draft directly out of high school or you go to college and are not draft eligible till after your third season. I think it would make it a lot more interesting with players staying and being able to identify with the different programs instead of programs like Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, etc. completely overhauling their starting lineup every offseason because all their freshman go to the NBA.

2012 will go down as the year of the unibrow.