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Friday, May 01, 2009


Man, I wish I could see a picture of my wife being groped by naked muscular black men. Tom Brady has to be the luckiest guy in the world today. I can only imagine what his teammates are going to say to him in the locker room. Randy Moss is going to be all over Giselle.

I can see Tom Brady right now. Giving his little temper tantrum face and crying into Bill Belichick's hoodie. "She told me she only had eyes for me!" I think the percentage is pretty high that Giselle at the very least nailed one of those black dudes. I'm going to say two. And don't give me the shit about her being a model and it's artistic garbage. She nailed them and now Tom Brady will have to face this picture when Moss tapes it up on his locker come two-a-days.

Haha..."come two-a-days"...that's what Giselle said.

Image HT: The Arab Aquarius