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Thursday, March 27, 2008


It's going to be awfully tempting to burst the bubble on this current sober streak I've been on since getting back to Vegas on Monday morning but I told myself I wouldn't have one till the weekend. Fucking alcoholism!! Adding even more fire to the embers in my lost soul is the fact that the Sweet 16 kicks off tonight. We are talking about the one on MTV right. That 16 year old little hussie so deserved a 2008 convertible BMW and not that shitty 2006 BMW SUV. Daddy is such an asshole! Oh right, we are talking a little hoop action.

I have this feeling one of the #1 seeds is due to go down tonight. And no I don't believe it will be UCLA against Western freaking Kentucky. So I got my eye on you coach Williams and UNC.

Take the 1 point and bet a grand on West Virginia kicking the living shit out of Xavier tonight. Don't laugh, West Fukin Virginia looks like a Final Four team right now. Okay, you can laugh. Haha...I know that statement is funny as shit. But seriously, the Mountaineers will be burning couches till the midnight hour so take them with the points.

Take Washington State and the +9 against North Carolina. I know the Tarheels have been kicking ass but the Cougars can play some defense and will be banging the shit out of Tyler Don't Tase Me HansBrough. I wouldn't be entirely shocked if the Cougars pull the upset here so neither should you.

UCLA will blow out Western Kentucky. Kevin Love is the best passer for a big man I have ever seen play the game. He can't run worth a shit but he sure can pass and knows how to board. He basically is the complete opposite of Roy Hibbert. Yes, he has actual talent!

Louisville will cover the 3 points against Tennessee. SEC basketball is garbage and although the Vols are everything but shit their time has come. Louisville has simply more talent and is more athletic.

And take the under for beers consumed at 6 tonight. Friday is right around the corner and I'm still in recovery mode so no need hit the bottle tonight. My sponsor is suck a dick.


I guess when you have the whole college football world by the balls you can literally go out and hit some. Seriously, did Pete Carroll just point to the Coliseum and say "baseball field now" and the next day they created his Field of Dreams. I can just see Carroll putting Jim Harbaugh's face on those balls while swinging away. I hate USC as you know but with spring practice starting I'm already getting really antsy for that USC-Ohio State matchup. I'm a college football junkie.

But yeah...FUSC.


Coming off a disastrous 2007 season it looks as if head coach Charlie Weis is adapting to the "maybe I'm not such a football genius" after all thought. It's pretty simple in terms of outlook for the 2008 season for the Irish in what will determine their success on the football field: the development of the offensive line.

If the offensive line gels and lives up to their collective hype coming out of high school the Irish will have a very successful season which could translate into 10 wins. But on the flip side if they don't gel or mature and miss assignments like last season the Irish will be lucky to keep QB Jimmy Clausen(who has added weight but still needs to add some more) healthy and their offense on the field. The Irish have a ton of talent at every position not including defensive line and it will be interesting to see how the team reacts to Weis delegating the play calling to offensive coordinator Haywood and how the defense reacts to incoming Jon Tenuta to help bring some aggressive blitzing and attacking schemes to Corwin Brown's defense.

Make no mistake, the Irish need to get nasty on the football field and it looks like they will be having full contact, no holding back, get in your face hitting and blocking starting on the third day of practice. To hear this makes these Irish eyes glimmer with hope. But hope doesn't translate into victories and if the Irish want to return to kick ass football they will need to execute and develop a "me against the world" attitude and practice their asses off this spring. Or maybe just give the ball to Robert Hughes, James Aldridge, and Armando Allen and let them do what they do which is run over, around, and through opposing defenses. Either way there are no excuses for this upcoming season(I'm looking at you offensive line).


Incoming Clemson freshman offensive lineman Kenneth Page is so money at football he gets paid to do it. The picture above is of Page on his Myspace page wearing a Clemson sweatshirt showing off his bills that would make the Barbie Bandits proud. One could conclude that Page is getting paid to play football for Tommy Bowden and Clemson but I think that train of thought is a disgrace to Tommy's papa Bobby who is a honorable man who has never paid any athlete to Florida State.

Right guys? (crickets in the background)

It should get interesting to see how Bowden, Clemson, and Page explain the reason for the picture of Page holding what looks to be at least $5000 in $20 bills. I've heard girl scouts get paid a lot these days. Seems as reasonable as Page holding that many bills without some NCAA infraction taking place.

College Football is a hell of a drug.

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