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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I will be here all day to blog about the latest "I can't believe that fucking douchebag kid went to that school" and offer my analysis on "well, he wasn't really that good" and "his parents made him go to that school" and "I heard he has genital warts and the cream at USC is the best, thus the decision." I will be drinking beer like high school kids do when they are not hitting the bong ala Michael Phelps all day so it could get chaotic, mean, and ugly. You should be here starting at 8 am and never leave.

To give you a little taste of what National Signing Day for high school football is like at Sportscrack I present the case of LB Vontaze Burfict. Vontaze is a top 10 overall player in the nation who has been committed to USC (the real one, not the fake one in Columbia) since his junior season. Well word on the streets of LA is that Burfict is now going to Arizona State to be with his friends and slay killer Sun Devil poon. And the mighty Trojans don't lose players the calibre of Burfict the night before National Signing Day. Let's just say that their fans haven't taken it well...

To live or die in South Central, the choice is yours Manti, Byron, and Jawanza. 40 year decision or Valtrex? Crazy horny catholic girls or Pete Carroll's dead hookers? Seems pretty simple to me.

Georgia player of the year Greg Reid gave a giant FU to Knowshon Moreno's #24 that he was promised from Mark Richt and instead decided to go with the Criminoles. This proves that old man river can still recruit and convince kids that should be his great grandchildren that he still can get them to the NFL. Dag gummit them.


We got some of these cool, brand new Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl 43 Champion mini helmets in stock for the low price of $25. They retail for $35 at most on-line stores. Be sure to spread the word to any Steelers fans out there about these one of a kind official NFL Super Bowl 43 XLIII mini helmets. They should sell out quickly.

We also have the full size replicas for $100 and the Authentic Pro Lines, the same ones they wear on the field for $200.


An FYI for all old school Tecmo Bowl fans. If you have a Wii you can download the original Tecmo Bowl on to your system for only $5 through a WIFI connection. You can run sprints down the sidelines with Bo Jackson and Walter Payton all over again. Or throw deep to Jerry Rice. I highly recommend it. It brings back a lot of memories. The 16 bit games were so much more simpler as was life back when we were kids. I'm hoping they will bring back NHL 93. I used to score at will with Jeremy Roenick in that game and the fact that you could make players bleed will never get old. If you don't remember the game then your childhood sucked. Here is a great scene from Swingers...