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Monday, October 29, 2012

Congrats to the San Francisco Giants

Seriously how do you take a third strike right down the middle to end the game?  Come on Miggy.  I thought you were the greatest player ever to win the Triple Crown?  Sick pitch by Sergio Romo to give the SF Giants their 2nd World Series title in 3 years.  M-V-Panda took home the hardware after his 3 bombs in Game 1.  I thought the Giants would win in 5 games but clearly I was wrong.  The Tigers just couldn't hit their pitching and the Giants finished off the sweep rather easily.  To be honest I didn't watch more than 20 minutes of the World Series.  I love playing baseball but once my Orioles and Braves are out of it I just can't make myself watch it.

Anyways congrats to the Giants.  They deserved it.  And as long as the Yankees don't win a nation can rejoice.

Great Prediction Lee Corso

I gotta admit I was kind of hoping Lee Corso would point the gun at Desmond Howard.  Just kidding.  Not really.  Yep, the media was right.  Notre Dame didn't have a shot at going into Norman and beating the almighty Oklahoma Sooners.  It made perfect sense too when Notre Dame entered the game undefeated with an all-time record of 8-1 vs the Sooners.  Nobody could have predicted Notre Dame would come in and dominate Oklahoma 30-13 right?  Oh wait.  Yeah we did.  So what's going to be the excuse now for all the ND haters out there?  Oklahoma is overrated?  Notre Dame hasn't played anybody good?  Just keep on doubting the Irish.  It just makes you look smarter.

Gronk With The Best Spike of the Year

I can't stop laughing at this hilarious Gronk spike.  I know the guy is a total meathead but his little "nutcracker dude" dance is priceless.  London had no idea what was coming.  Just a total suck this England move by Gronk.