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Friday, November 11, 2011

My Notre Dame Treasure Chest Must Have Gotten Lost

Ok I've taken a couple of deep shallow breaths so I don't hyperventilate over here. Adidas and Notre Dame made a limited edition of 11 Notre Dame treasure chests that include the Notre Dame helmet, jersey, and gloves they will be wearing this week vs. Maryland in the Shamrock Series and somehow I didn't receive mine in the mail. It must have been a honest mistake. Because I know Adidas wouldn't screw up with SportsCrack and the world's biggest Notre Dame fan over here by not including one of those awesome chests that also include a gold plated Ipod with headphones and actual gold dust from the Dome and mistakenly send it to Paul Lukas and Darren Rovell and not me. It's okay. I forgive you as long as I get mine before Christmas. Lukas and Rovell don't even like Notre Dame. Sure they may have more followers and thus you might get more exposure but they are not nearly as good looking as me and you know the true Notre Dame fans who will eat that shit up come to SportsCrack. I'm not mad though because I know mine is coming. Don't make me go to the dark side and start sporting Penn State Nike jerseys over here. You got my address. I still endorse K Swiss shoes to everybody and I got those like two years ago. Nobody even knew what K Swiss was before I started pimping them out. The rule of thumb is if you want to make it big you got to come to SportsCrack. Now make it happen. Plus I've been to Germany like 4 times. I practically carried your country's GDP on my back with all the beer and sausages I ate.



Happy Veteran's Day

I hope that one day my daughter will say those words about me. Big props to all the veterans, past and present, who serve our country and give us a chance to live our lives with freedom. You guys rock!!! Check out for more great videos of soldiers coming home to surprise their families.

Mark May Is Right

ESPN's Mark May hits the nail on the head right here. Everybody at Penn State needs to be fired. After this season is over they need to bring in a whole new regime. No leftovers. If Penn State is going to move on they need to erase the past and anybody who might have known about the horrible shit that was going on with Jerry Sandusky but didn't want to tell because of fear of ruining the program. The program is ruined. It's not "tarnished" or "tainted" or even on sanctions. It's a horrific mess because of what happened inside those same showers and locker rooms that the players and coaches use every day. It's time to start a new Penn State. One with passion and compassion for fellow human beings. And like Mark May said everyone in that program is complicit because most of them were there for decades not years and had to have known or had some inclination of what Sandusky did.

The Say It Ain't So JoePa Creepy Valley Shirt

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