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Thursday, August 12, 2010

What?!?!? No Freeman?!?! Possible Trade?!?!?

You've got to be kidding me Frank Wren! This is insane, and I quote "Another option isn't likely: Wren dismissed the idea of calling up slugging first baseman Freddy Freeman from Triple-A and moving Troy Glaus back to third base, his original position. He said Glaus just doesn't have the range he did earlier in his career." Okay, agreed, Glaus obviously is not the answer.

Even with Chipper, Freeman is tearing up the minors! In the same article posted on ESPN, Wren talks about losing the power of Chipper and says "Wren will look into making a trade to bolster the lineup, but his options are limited since the deadline for non-waiver moves has passed. Besides, he's not sure the Braves could find a player more effective than Infante, who made the All-Star team as a utility player and is hitting a team-leading .330. Another All-Star, second baseman Martin Prado, is expected to take batting practice Friday and could return from the disabled list soon after breaking a knuckle."

Wren has yet to shy away calling players up too early. Look at the situation with Jordan Schafer. Mike Minor tore AAA up for a couple months and he's in the rotation, Wren didn't check out a trade to replace Medlen, but Freeman has been in Gwinnett absolutely raking and he doesn't get a chance?!?!? Come on Wren, don't spend foolish money, call the kid up and let him and Heyward go back to tearing shit up, because that's what they do, tear shit up!!! Check out the full article on Chipper's torn ACL in an article on ESPN, written by the Associated Press here.

Gotta keep ole Larry in our thoughts and prayers and hope he comes back to at least mentor our young Bravos! He's been one of the greats and he deserves every honor he gets. Maybe he could help the team this year by telling Wren to grab his balls and make the call. If Freeman is our future at first, there's no need in not putting him in now and getting his feet wet before playoff time.


Holy shit. Did Katy Perry perform this? Congratulations on the "I've watched all the games since 1995" comment. Could you be a little more fair weather? Yankees fans are just pathetic. They talk like they have a mouth full of peanut butter and walk like they just popped a hemorrhoid. Their lives are so fucking sad they have to cling on to something that actually wins in life. You don't see these douchebags wearing Knicks apparel. But then again if the Knicks had gotten the Big 3 this offseason you would have seen all those degenerates claiming they have watched all the games since 2010 once they actually won something.

Plus New York just fucking smells. I know a lot of SportsCrack heads on here are from New York and I am probably pissing them off but honestly I don't give a fuck. Your city stinks. It smells like wet cat shit. Now take your jorts and get your ass down to Florida before you go dying on us.


Matt (a ticked off Bravos/O's fan)

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It's a good thing the Atlanta Braves have a deep bench because the shit just hit the fan today. Chipper Jones has confirmed he has a torn ACL and will probably need season ending surgery according to Dave O'Brien...

An MRI showed Chipper Jones has torn the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, his agent BB Abbott said Thursday morning. Abbott said he received a text message from Jones, saying the ligament was torn. Jones had been examined by Dr. Marvin Royster, Braves orthopedist who read the MRI.

“He said it was stretched out pretty bad,” Abbott said. “That it was torn and needed to be fixed.”

Abbott said that it appears Jones is headed for season-ending surgery, but that Jones might seek a second opinion. It’s the same knee Jones had surgery on in 1994 which cost him his rookie season.

Jones injured his knee Tuesday night in Houston, jumping as he turned to throw across his body on a groundball up the line by Hunter Pence.

Yes this sucks for the Braves but it's not a season crusher. I love Chipper as much as the next Hooter's waitress but he can be replaced in the lineup. First off you call up Freddie Freeman immediately. Freeman has been tearing it up in AAA Gwinnett and deserves the call up. I know he is young (only 20) but the kid is ready. Give him the chance to start some games at first base and let Troy Glaus and his cavemen knees rest. When Martin Prado comes off the disabled list move Omar Infante to third base and keep him there. I like Brooks Conrad(need his clutch bat for PH situations) too but I like Infante a lot better. The guy is an All-Star after all right? The infield moving forward should be Freeman 1B, Prado 2B, Alex Gonzalez SS, and Infante at 3B.

Losing Chipper in what still looks like a promising season is horrible but the Braves can weather the storm. As much as Chipper means to the organization as the face it would have been much more devastating if they would have lost Huddy or Brian McCann or even Rookie of the Year candidate (yes I said it, he has been more valuable than Heyward) Johnny Venters. This could be the last season for Chipper as some have speculated and if it is well at least he can be their #1 cheerleader and audition for a possible coaching job in the Braves organization.

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Shit, I must have been fucking dreaming during this part. This is why you have to go see Inception at least twice. There is shit Christopher Nolan put in that you somehow missed because you were staring at Leonardo's package. I mean his hair. He does have lovely hair. Right guys? Oh don't get all fucking uptight on me now. Oh and in case you were wondering and I'm sure you could care less I fucking loved "Inception." This time I managed to watch the whole movie without being rushed to the emergency room.

Watching tons of fun getting hit by the ice cream truck never gets old. Never.


"Does it matter that Revis is not here?"
"God damn...he's pretty fucking good!"
"But you know what ain't about one's about leading the league in fucking wins on defense!"

After watching the opening of Hard Knocks 2010 with the New York Jets I knew that they hit a gold mine with head coach Rex Ryan. The guy is about as straight a shooter as you can get and he is pretty fucking funny. I don't even like the Jets but after listening to Big Rex you can not help but want to run through a brick wall for him. The guy knows how to communicate with his players and his coaches. It isn't coach speak. It's straight up honesty. He told one of his coaches that one of the undrafted rookies in camp just flat out "sucks." This is something you would read here on SportsCrack. You don't expect to hear that shit from coaches especially when they know they are being taped.

And that is what makes this year's Hard Knocks so much better than the previous seasons. Rex is a loud mouth know it all and doesn't give a shit what other people think other than his team. His team has taken on that persona. LB Bart Scott called QB Mark Sanchez a "nacho." Sanchez replied back that nachos aren't even real Mexican food. Are you fucking kidding me? They could never get away with this stuff on basic cable much less network television which is why HBO is the perfect home for it. It's uncensored.

You also get a little insight from the general manager's perspective on the Darrelle Revis holdout. He makes it known Revis is under contract and exchanges pleasantries with his agent over the phone while nearly pulling out his hair. Then he goes to meet Revis in a secret location called "Roscoes" fried chicken or some shit like that. He leaves the meeting more frustrated and you can almost see his realization that a contract might not get done is becoming more a reality unless he budges and gives Revis top money. Usually I side with ownership/management in these cases when a player is under contract and is failing to report to camp but I think Revis has a great argument. He is without a doubt one of the best defensive players in the NFL if not the absolute best and he deserves to be paid like one. One hit on the practice field could be the end of your career and football players are like gladiators. You have to get your money while you are still hot or the next thing you know you are limping around with a popped up collar, hiked up shorts and an incredible leather face like Joe Namath.

In short you owe it to yourself to watch Hard Knocks 2010 on HBO. If you don't have HBO try it out for a month just to see the show. It's that good and entertaining. And if you hate Rex Ryan because he's a walking slobbier living version of Sam Kinison I can almost guarantee that you will be rooting for him and the Jets after watching Hard Knocks. It's fucking funny assholes so go ahead and watch it and thank me later.

And oh yeah, F-u-c-k the J-E-T-S.