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Friday, April 29, 2011

First Round Thoughts

1. Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers)-You gotta hand it to the Panthers. They went against logic and drafted the next Jamarcus Russell. He may not be the smartest cookie or have the best accuracy but he can jump real high and is as big as a defensive lineman. Sounds like the perfect NFL quarterback.

2. Von Miller (Denver Broncos)-Clearly the best linebacker in the draft. I probably would have taken Marcell Dareus here but you really can't argue taking Miller. Some draft experts have compared him to Derrick Thomas. I don't think he will be that good but I could see him turning into a Terrell Suggs-type of pass rusher.

3. Marcell Dareus (Buffalo Bills)-Good solid pick for the Bills. Dareus is a guy who can plug the middle and free up the Buffalo linebackers to make plays.

4. A.J. Green (Cincy Bengals)-Green is one of the few guys in this draft that I think is going to be a perennial All-Pro. Clearly the best receiver to come out since Larry Fitzgerald Green will make an instant impact in Cincy. But who will be throwing him the ball?

5. Patrick Peterson (Arizona Cardinals)-Besides Green I thought Peterson heading into the draft was one of only three sure fire safe bets to be an instant impact type of player in the NFL. I was hoping the Falcons could trade up to get him. Fuck.

6. Julio Jones (Atlanta Falcons)-I absolutely hate this move by the Falcons. They traded 5 draft picks (2 1st Rounders, a 2nd, and 2 4th's) for a receiver who at his very best if he fulfills his potential the Falcons already have in Roddy White. Don't get me wrong I like Julio's athleticism and the fact he plays hard. But I hate his hands. GM Thomas Dimitroff swung for the fences with this risky trade and pick. I'm afraid they got another J.J. Stokes.

7. Aldon Smith (San Fran 49ers)-This draft was loaded with quality defensive ends and somehow, some way the first one to come off the board in Mizzou's Aldon Smith. It's kind of amazing how much talent on the defensive side of the ball Mizzou has supplied to the NFL in the past 3 seasons and yet Mizzou defenses are shit.

8. Jake Locker (Tennessee Titans)-So the Titans get rid of Vince Young and draft a less athletic, less accurate, and less passionate player in Locker. Brilliant. Locker was a 2nd to a 4th round talent taken at #8 overall. The Titans are idiots.

9. Tyron Smith (Dallas Cowboys)-The Cowboys need help on the offensive line and Smith should start right away. Only 20 years old Smith should grow into a solid tackle for Dallas.

10. Blaine Gabbert (Jacksonville Jaguars)-I actually think Gabbert will wind up being the best of the 4 QB's taken in the 1st. But it's really not saying much since I don't think very highly of the other 3. Plus Jacksonville gave up a 2nd rounder to move up to get Gabbert. Pretty risky but what the fuck do I know?

11. J.J. Watt (Houston Texans)-I like Ryan Kerrigan better but I can't argue too much with the Watt pick. He should be a force on the edge with Mario Williams on the other side.

12. Christian Ponder (Minnesota Vikings)-Another first round pick I don't get at all. Ponder has skills but he couldn't even win at FSU with a shitload of talent around him.

13. Nick Fairley (Detroit Lions)-How can you not love this pick? Fairley and the great Suh next to each other causing havoc. The Lions got extremely lucky to get Fairley at this spot and Detroit fans should hope he carries a chip on his shoulder for dropping this low for a talent like himself.

14. Robert Quinn (St. Louis)-He's a big risk for the Rams here but he is also a big reward. Probably could have been a top 5 pick if he played last season at Chapel Hill, Quinn should make an instant impact for the Ram's defense.

15. Mike Pouncey (Miami Dolphins)-I was kind of disappointed we didn't get the classic trailer incest shot from last year when his twin brother Maurkice got picked by the Steelers. I would have taken Mark Ingram here.

16. Ryan Kerrigan (Washington Redskins)-Gotta hand it to the Skins. They traded down, picked up a couple of more picks, and got a great player with a high motor in Kerrigan. I think Kerrigan will be a star in Washington.

17. Nate Solder (New England Patriots)-Kind of a dumb pick for the Patriots. Solder is a project and not the type of guy you pay huge bucks in signing bonus for someone who is going to take some time to learn the tackle position.

18. Corey Liuget (San Diego Chargers)-I was a big fan of Liuget at Illinois and he should fit in perfectly for the Chargers. Liuget has a couple of future Pro Bowl seasons in him.

19. Prince Amukamara (New York Giants)-Not nearly the talent of a Patrick Peterson and it's actually refreshing to see him drop this far. His technique isn't very good and he gets beat tremendously deep in college. In other words I think he will be a prime target for the boo birds in New York.

20. Adrian Clayborn (Tampa Bay Bucs)-Clayborn was a great college player for Iowa but I'm not sure it will translate to the NFL. He's easy to root for though with his high motor but I got to admit I'm shocked they didn't take Da'Quan Bowers here.

21. Phillip Taylor (Cleveland Browns)-Taylor looks like a good nose tackle on film and he definitely has the body to play right away. It's kind of interesting that the Browns traded up after trading down with the Falcons to grab Taylor. There must be something in him that I don't see.

22. Anthony Castonzo (Indy Colts)-Future right tackle for the aging Peyton Manning.

23. Danny Watkins (Philly Eagles)-27 year old rookie. Wow. Huge reach for the Eagles here.

24. Cam Jordan (New Orleans Saints)-The Saints got a very good defensive end in Jordan who should start right away. Sleeper pick for defensive rookie of the year honors.

25. James Carpenter (Seattle Seahawks)-The Seahawks and Pete Carroll needed a run blocking tackle and probably got the best one left on the board in Carpenter.

26. Jonathan Baldwin (Kansas City Chiefs)-Matt Cassel has plenty of weapons. Baldwin should team up with Dwayne Bowe to form a lethal receiving combo.

27. Jimmy Smith (Baltimore Ravens)-Should fit in perfectly in the Raven's locker room. Smith reminds me a lot of former Raven Chris McAllister which is obviously a good thing. I'm looking forward to seeing his future one-on-one duels with A.J. Green.

28. Mark Ingram (New Orleans Saints)-Good bye Reggie Bush. Ingram still has his Heisman and now takes over for Bush in the Big Easy. I can't argue with this pick. Ingram should be a good in between the tackles running back. Better yet the Saints drafted a great person in Ingram.

29. Gabe Carimi (Chicago Bears)-I don't like his name. I like his game though. Good pick by the Bears.

30. Muhammad Wilkerson (New York Jets)-This Muslim will probably turn into an All-Pro for Rex Ryan. Seriously.

31. Cam Heyward (Pittsburgh Steelers)-Interesting pick for the Steelers. Heyward is good but I would have much rather had Da'Quan Bowers or Justin Houston. Heyward should fit in well for Pittsburgh at DE/OLB.

32. Derek Sherrod (Green Bay Packers)-The Super Bowl Champs get their future right tackle to protect Aaron Rodgers. I can't argue with Ted Thompson on this pick since Sherrod is the last quality tackle in this draft who was graded as a first round talent.