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Friday, December 14, 2007

Well it finally appears Michigan might have found a suitor in West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez according to the Sporting News.

There's a new twist in Michigan's ongoing search for a head coach: University officials are meeting with West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez, according to Sporting News Radio correspondent Michael Bradley.

Rodriguez and his agent are in Toledo today to negotiate with Michigan athletic director Bill Martin and university president Mary Sue Coleman.

I know last year Rodriguez flirted with the Alabama job and thus got a substantial raise at West Virginia because of the Crimson Tide's infatuation. My hope is that Rodriguez is genuinely interested in the Michigan job and not just using them for another raise for himself and his assistants. Because you know that Michigan would never accept somebody like Les Miles who just used the Wolverines job as a springboard for a more lucrative deal with his present employer. I mean this is Michigan, the mecca of college football right? They have nobody coming back next year but West Virginia has Pat White, Steve Slaton, and Noel Devine back so it would make perfect sense for him to jump ship to Ann Arbor.

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