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Monday, June 13, 2011

News Anchor Insists More Teenagers are Having F*ck

The absolute fright on her face is outstanding. As soon as she blurts out the F word you can just see the horror in her eyes. She realizes her whole career has just gone down the shitter with one little slip up. It's that all too familiar look we have seen from Lebron in the 4th quarter.

Hey Lebron! How's My Dirk Taste? Shirt Is Now Available

If you haven't noticed the newest shirt of ours that has gone viral is the "HEY LEBRON! HOW'S MY DIRK TASTE!" Dallas Maverick's DeShawn Stevenson wore his last night in South Beach while partying with his teammates. Get your shirt today at this link for only $17.

HT to the Big Lead

Hey Lebron, Mark Cuban has something you may want!

How can you not root for a guy like Mark Cuban? I know he's a billionaire and a lot of people are jealous of his wealth but the guy is a winner and he is the main reason why the Mavericks have gone from laughingstock to perennial winner and now NBA Champs. You honestly think Dirk Nowitzki would want anything to do with Dallas if Cuban wasn't there? Get real. Congratulations to Cuban and the Mavericks on their first ever NBA Title. You guys deserved it and I was wrong to underestimate you as a team. Now get that trophy a T and T pronto.

Talking Dog

Dogs are fucking awesome! This is just further proof that man's best friend are smarter than any cat. Plus will you ever find a cat say "I love you?"

I didn't think so. Cats you better step up your game. It's a doggy dog world.

The German Women's Soccer Team is in Playboy

We are just a couple of weeks away from the Women's World Cup kicking off (I guess that is the right term) in Germany and already the natives are beating our American asses in the all important T & A category. The German national team posed for some candid shots for the German edition of Playboy and hopefully started a war with the other teams. As an American we need to strike back. You hearing me Lindsay Tarpley? Don't make me come over there Amy Rodriguez! It is your patriotic duty to go above and beyond what the German soccer team did. We will not finish 2nd to anybody especially in Playboy spreads. You are proud to be an American right? Well then drop those soccer shorts and prove it. USA! USA!! USA!!!

Via BigLead via DailyMail

Macy's and The Miami Herald think the Heat won the NBA Title

If you live down in Miami you probably opened up your newspaper this morning to see Macy's is selling Miami Heat NBA Champions shirts. Weird. I could have sworn the Dallas Mavericks won last night. Let me check. Yep. Right there. The Mavericks and Dirk Nowitzki won their first ever NBA Title. Fucking Macy's is just rubbing it in the Heat's faces. Even they don't like Lebron.