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Thursday, September 27, 2007

But he still hates cops? You be the judge...

You have to love unintentional comedy. Who ever screwed up the news station footage has a job offer from Sportscrack waiting for them. Of course pay is little to nothing but I have been told I give great massages with my "big hands."

"You so hard you need to relax guy."

Kevin Everett video via BarstoolSports


The dreaded curse of the lisp appears to have stricken South Florida this week. Lou Holtz' latest blabbering pep talk is designed to pump up the Bulls for their Friday showdown against West Virginia. More likely it will extend the dreaded Holtz pep talk curse to Tampa where the Bulls will go down faster than a struggling Hollywood starlet on a casting couch.

I wonder if Vegas waits for the lisp of Holtz before deciding the line on the game?
West Virginia is favored by 7.5 points. I think the half point is in honor of Noel Devine. He may be half a man in size but the little guy is more jittery and elusive than a DC crack addict.


My little brother Sean is considering going to USC (I know, quit the missing chromosone jokes now)to hang out, study (wink, wink) and party with a bunch of DUSCHEBAGS. I know he reads this blog every once in a while. Sean, the picture above is a warning. Do you really want to be associated with white rich kids who actually support O.J? You might as well go to Virginia Tech and start a memorial for Vick's career.

Food for thought Sean. I'm just saying.

Picture via Deadspin

Never fear Poon lovers, I have been informed that the SECPoon is back and better than ever. Thanks to good bud and fellow blogger MacGsWorld(great blog by the way, highly recommend), we have received a relaunch at Don't ask any questions, just bookmark the page, unzip...errr, I mean relax and enjoy the lovely southern ladies.

I've been informed that the two ladies above do go to Tennessee and actually have all their teeth and even know how to spell their first...and last names. I think this deserves a slow, resounding, golf clap.


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