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Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Matt Holliday announced today on the Doug Gottlieb Show on ESPN radio that he has decided to re-sign with the St. Louis Cardinals with a 7 year deal reportedly worth between $119-120 million. Wow! This is a great contract for Holliday because he will be staying in a baseball city in St. Louis and will be getting way over payed while doing it. Listen, when I think of franchise players who should make $100 million plus the names of Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, and Manny Ramirez come to mind. Those guys deserve every dollar they get because they bring fans to the park and put up monster numbers year in and out. I don't think of Holliday as the same guy. This doesn't mean he can't be one of those guys but I just think his career has benefited greatly from playing in Coors Field and the Cardinals are now going to pay him to put up 40 plus home runs a season with 120 plus RBI's as a marque player. I don't see it happening.

Granted the Cardinals couldn't afford to lose Hollida since besides Pujols and Ryan Ludwick their lineup has very little proven power it just seems that they went beyond what it should have taken to re-sign him. The Yankees, Red Sox, and Mets were NOT negotiating with Holliday. From reports I have read it sounded like the only other contender for Holliday's services was the Baltimore Orioles. A team with 12 consecutive losing seasons. He wasn't going to go to Baltimore unless they offered him $150 million.

So what does Albert Pujols get now since Holliday is getting paid more? Honestly I think Pujols deserves at least $30 million a season, probably more. He is the best player in the game and he should never play for anybody else besides the Redbirds. He is the face of the franchise not named Stan Musial. Pujols is a free agent after the 2011 season. If the Cardinals are willing to spend like the Red Sox and Yankees do ($140 million plus a season) then it shouldn't be a problem giving Pujols a huge extension while paying for Holliday and adding other stars to fill out their roster. But this doesn't look like it will be the case. Starting pitchers Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright will be free agents soon. They won't be taking hometown discounts so the Cardinals could lose at least one of them if not both of them. Without pitching it doesn't matter how good Pujols and Holliday perform.

This is just another reason why baseball needs a salary cap.


TMZSports caught up with Vivid Entertainment president Steven Hirsch who apparently was approached by one of Tiger's many mistresses claiming she had a sex tape with him and was shopping the rights...

Right now it looks like we will not be seeing it since Tiger has to give his permission to release the tape. But like the steroid scandal in baseball this is due to leak out in someway in the future. If only Congress could stop talking about the BCS and get to more important things like Tiger's Wood.


If the roles were reversed and it was Chris Henry who was driving the car and she died there is no doubt in my mind he would be in jail. Instead he is dead thanks to her. Crazy bitches always get the benefit of the doubt. Just ask this "fan"...


As you can see Los Angeles Dodger's centerfielder Matt Kemp has a promising career ahead of him. Not only is he a budding superstar in baseball but he knows the fundamentals: always keep both hands on when following through to create more power. Thanks to TMZSports we will now have paparazzi stalking professional athletes. ALL RIGHT!!!


Mack Brown might want to put this ad up in the Texas locker room to get his players foaming at the mouth. I know Bama fans are confident they can handle the Longhorns but you already have the Heisman jinx (Mark Ingram) working against you and the fact that every media pundit has picked Bama in a rout. Academy Sports might be donating a lot of clothes to Africa starting January 8th.

Image HT: Clay Travis


Tonight's Orange Bowl match up pits the Ramblin Wreck of Georgia Tech versus the Cornfed Hawkeyes of Iowa. I'm taking the hometown Yellow Jackets and the points at -4 so you should just go ahead and bet everything on Iowa because all of my picks this bowl season have been absolutely retarded.

The real question isn't who wins tonight but who has the worst rap song by pasty white folks...

Iowa comes in strong with this depressing video...

But I got to go with "The Perfect Option" only because they score points with actual players appearing in the video...


Via the always hilarious BarStoolSports comes this video of Pat Sajak from "Wheel of Fortune" basically telling our armed troops to go fuck themselves with their pronunciation. At first I thought this video was BS but apparently it's real which is sad. Seriously, who gives a fuck if you mispronounced Kelly Ripa's name? I could understand if these were foreigners on "The Wheel" but this is our military. No need to embarrass them. I guess our freedom is only allowed when spoken correctly. God bless America.


It's refreshing to see that these major college football program "student"-athletes like Alabama's behemoth Terrence Cody are more concerned about earning their degree than stupid stuff like slutty jersey-chasing girls and drugs. Take for instance this story on ESPN in regards to Cody's "major"...

Later, Cody was talking about being on track to graduate in May and said he still needed two more classes. Somebody asked him what his degree was in. He paused, stammered for a few seconds, looked up and smiled and then muttered something under his breath.

“I keep forgetting it … consumer science, I think,” Cody said.

Let's just be honest with ourselves and say that if you go to play big boy college football such as the SEC conference your major is football. No reason to bullshit us.


Correct me if I am wrong but I believe Ron Jeremy and Peter North both majored in the same thing while in college and went on to do incredible things in their industry. As much as I dogged FOX earlier for their horrible coverage of the BCS Bowl games I got to admit they have a sense of humor. At least the CG guy does.

Image HT: TheWizofOdds via Hawkeye Board


Boise State hung on to beat TCU last night 17-10 to cap an undefeated season once again but the real excitement came from FOX showing us the crowd/band/cheerleaders for 75% of the broadcast. Because without their constant coverage of everything off the field we wouldn't see the bandgirl going ape shit on this cowbell. Whoa girl, calm down, the enthusiasm is just electric when you hit that cowbell.

I hate FOX's coverage of college football because they insist we should actually care what the fans in attendance think about the game. Stop fucking showing them every 15 seconds Mr. Director. I don't care what the fat Boise State fan thinks about what is going on the field. We missed a fumble recovery by TCU's All-American Jerry Hughes because of this garbage. If you are going to show the crowd then by all means keep the camera fixated on the TCU cheerleaders. Guys want to see them. Not fat girls looking concerned.

Image HT: Deadspin