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Monday, July 07, 2014

Danish HandBall is Indeed Very Handy...

Got a hand it (pun intended) to the girl in yellow.  She just went for it.  Full hands all over blue.  Surprised she didn't make a Peter Griffin honking noise when squeezing them.  I'm going to need to do some more research on Danish Handball.  Yeah.  "Research."

Video via Ebaum's World

Australian Football League Looks Fun and Completely Safe

If you are into getting choked out by blokes in tight white shorts then I highly recommend trying out for the Australian Football League.  Only a gentleman could survive such a light hearted affair.

No Big Deal Just Johnny Manziel With a Rolled Up Bill in a Bathroom

Oh just another day in the life of Johnny Fucking Football.  According to BustedCoverage a tipster sent in this picture of Manziel rolling a bill in a Vegas bathroom before laying a kisser on Playboy Social model Dallas Parks...

Johnny's eyes tell the whole story.  Just a guy having a good old time with millions of dollars in his back pocket.  One rolled up bill at a time.