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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Maria Menounos Lost Her Super Bowl Bet, Wears Giants Bikini

Extra Host Maria Menounos lost a friendly wager with a friend in which she bet her Patriots would beat the Giants in the Super Bowl or she would have to wear a bikini on air. Thanks to the clutch play of Eli Manning the world got to see Maria decked out in just a top and bottom. I would say that is better than going to Disney World.

Image via WWTDD

Jimmy Kimmel Challenge: Unplug the TV During the Super Bowl

Those are some brave souls. I would have gone bat shit crazy. I'm not saying someone would have died but they wouldn't be walking for at least a few days.

Rob Gronkowski's Ankle Appears To Be Fine

It's strange I don't see New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski limping around with a bad ankle after the Patriots lost to the Giants in this video. Hey I have no problem with players going all out partying after a tough loss to end the season. You are only young once so you might as well enjoy it. But I'm sure a lot of Pats Nation including Tom Brady is going to take this video the wrong way. You can't cage the Gronk. The only problem I have is with all the sausage flailing around. You are a professional athlete. You should have girls around dancing trying to have million dollar babies with you. Not a bunch of hanging meat in tight shirts. You are better than this Gronk.

Via BarStoolSports