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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Real Refs Are Back So Take The Ravens Big Tonight

Thank God Ed Hochuli and his 60 inch pythons are back signaling for first downs starting tonight in Baltimore. I was getting worried I was going to lose all my damn beer with these replacement officials calling touchdowns on interceptions. Tonight is the RIP Art Modell Bowl. The Ravens were the Browns before they moved to Baltimore and now the Browns are still the same old shitty team they were when Tim Couch was getting slaughtered by the wolves in the late 90's. But this time they have Brandon Weeden at QB. I know what you are thinking and you are right...Ed Reed will have a touchdown.

Take the Ravens and the points at -13. In fact take the OVER too because the Ravens will score more than 44 themselves tonight. The Browns will put some points on the board but they won't be closer than 20 all night.

Hooker spit and cocaine confidence level: 9 out of 10

Rookie Hazing At It's Absolute Best: Tampa Bay Rays at Fenway Park

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price twitted out this video of some rookie hazing at the hands of his teammates. See it's not all about "butt chugging" and killing people. It's about wearing throwback Olivia Newton John leotards and dancing to "Call Me Maybe" at Fenway Park. This is rookie hazing at it's finest. Not to sound gay or anything but a couple of those girls had smoking bodies.

Via HotClicks