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Friday, June 06, 2014

Lebron James Cramping Memes are Internet Gold

Full disclosure: last night was the first time I've watched any of the NBA Playoffs.  I turned it on because I figured I might owe it to myself to see what all the hoopla was about.  Apparently the Spurs forgot to pay their HVAC bill and the air conditioning went out in the first period.  I will be the last person to make fun of somebody for bitching about the hot conditions which reached 90 degrees inside San Antonio's AT&T arena.  I personally think AC is one of if not the greatest and most needed inventions of all time.  With that being said I've played baseball, football, basketball, street hockey, golf, tennis, track and field all in temperatures above 90 growing up in the South.  It sucks but you get used to it.  I didn't see old men Tim Duncan or Ray Allen wilting under the heat.  Lebron you play for a fucking team called the Heat.  Act like you have been there before.  I've dealt with cramps before.  They suck.  But you can play through them.  Get an IV or some fucking water.  Stop drinking that Powerade junk and drink plenty of H2O.  And don't you dare get carried off the court again like a bitch.  That's fucking embarrassing.  I'm actually embarrassed for him.  No fucking way would I be carried off unless a bone was sticking out of both of my legs.

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