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Saturday, October 09, 2010


I just felt like posting Jenn Sterger's store boughts because I'm still fascinated by the Brett Favre desperation pass at her.

South Carolina vs. Alabama(-7.5)
Alabama gets another tough SEC game this week. Two weeks ago they survived against Arkansas. Last week they absolutely beat the shit out of Florida. This week they will own South Carolina. The Cocks have their best team under the Ole Ball Coach but it won't matter. Saban has Bama playing lights out right now. Mark Ingram will have a huge game.

Prediction: Bama 24 Cocks 10

Florida(-6.5) vs. LSU
Les Miles has to be the luckiest mother fucker since George Bush was in office. Seriously how does this guy pull the complete ineptitude he displays every Saturday "coaching" the sidelines and still come out victorious? It's gotta be because LSU is fucking loaded with talent. But guess what? So is Florida. They have the talent and their coaching is remarkably better than the White Hat. Florida will bounce back in a big way today.

Prediction: Gaytors 28 LSU 14

Miami(-6) vs. FSU
The Convicts vs Semenholes. Classic battle that can make you fall asleep at times. I still don't think these programs are anywhere near the elite programs they were in the 80's and 90's. Jacory Harris should have a good enough game to beat a rather pedestrian FSU defense.

Prediction: Miami 24 FSU 17

USC(+10) vs. Stanford
I never thought I would see the day when the Trojans are 10 point dogs against the Trees. It amazes me how fast and hard the Trojans have burst since the sanctions have come down. Even with USC down I think they play a spirited game with the Fighting Harbaughs. Andrew Luck will absolutely own the Trojans secondary.

Prediction: Stanford 45 USC 42

Michigan vs. Michigan State(+4.5)
Shoelace will have another spectacular day running around the Spartans defense but it won't be enough. Both teams come in undefeated but the Spartans have the better defense in my opinion. They won't contain Robinson but they will stop the rest of the team and the Michigan defense is horrible. Spartans will put a lot of points on the board.

Prediction: Sparty 42 Shoelace 35

UGA vs. Tennessee(+11.5)
How in the holy fuck is UGA nearly 2 TD's favorite against anybody right now? They can't even beat Miss State or Colorado. I know it's in Athens and the Vols are shit too but this game will be close. Take the Vols and the points.

Prediction: UGA 27 Vols 24

Notre Dame(-6.5) vs. Pitt
Pitt brings in their Pop Warner offense into South Bend in what should be a rout. This Pitt team is terrible. In the same way Boston College is fielding their worst team in decades and the Irish cruised despite not playing too well I see an early rout. The Fighting Irish will get the spread attack working a little more smoothly this week.

Prediction: ND 35 Pitt 17