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Friday, July 22, 2016

Big Papi David Ortiz Hit a 440 Foot Homer Last Night at the age of 40

Is there a better human being on the planet than David "Big Papi" Ortiz?  I don't think you can find one.  What Ortiz is doing at the age of 40, his last season, is remarkable and completely legit.  He leads all big leaguers in RBIs and OPS.  Did I mention he is 40 years old?  Oh yeah.  Crazy how a light hitting Dominican who was released by the Minnesota Twins in late 2002 could become this behemoth of a slugger on his way to a Hall of Fame induction when all is said and done.  It's perfectly normal for guys 12 years past their primes to have seasons like Big Papi is doing right now.  Anyone who thinks he is cheating clearly doesn't know the impeccable character of Mr. David Ortiz.  He would never cheat the game.  Never.  Ever.  The guy is a saint and should be celebrated the way Barry Bonds finished his career.  Remember Bonds never failed a drug test too and he was remarkably doing the same super human things Ortiz is doing right now.