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Monday, May 20, 2013

Hard To Believe It's Been 15 Years Since This Classic Orioles and Yankees Fight

These were the good old days.  When everybody was all hoped up on steroids and pitchers weren't afraid to throw inside.

Granted the Orioles Armando Benitez deserved a beating for hitting Tino Martinez intentionally with a straight 98 mph heater to the middle of the 2 and 4 but you don't see brawls like this anymore.  The Orioles and Yankees hated each other.  There was still bad blood over the whole Jeffrey Shitface kid robbing the Orioles of a playoff victory.  Daryl Strawberry was still a cocaine sniffing douche who couldn't land a punch to save his life even when it would have been a sucker one from behind.  Tino Martinez had no intention of fighting Benitez (who can blame him and it's only after the benches clear that Tino tries to fight) but it's funny that Bill Nye the Science Guy aka Graeme Lloyd comes all the way from the bullpen to start throwing awful haymakers at Benitez's mug.

Now that I think about it maybe Brady Anderson wasn't on steroids.  He's one of the few not even trying to fight.  He's calm and collected.  Of course so is Rafael Palmeiro and Chad Curtis and we know they were roiders.  Robby Alomar didn't even spit on anybody.  Hall of Famer Eddie Murray screaming at Strawberry in the dugout is the basically the ending to this classic.  It just sucks that it took the Orioles another 15 years to be relevant in the AL East because we could have had some classic showdowns instead of those overhyped ESPN fueled Yankees-Red Sox garbage games.

Shay Maria Dancing in a Bikini Looks Athletic

I have no idea who Shay Maria is but I don't care.  She just made Monday a lot more interesting.  I'm clearly talking about that awesome back tattoo.  Well done Shay.