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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Of Course Now BJ Upton is a Good Baseball Player Since He No Longer Plays for the Braves

It fucking figures the guy who couldn't hit his weight much less hustle while playing in Atlanta is killing it in lovely San Diego. BJ (yes it is still BJ and not fucking Melvin) Upton made one of the better plays I've ever seen when he robbed JJ Hardy last night with a Spider Man catch. To make the play even more remarkable was the fact he threw an absolute laser to first base to double up Mark Trumbo. The throw might be better than the catch. Absolutely 100% sick fucking play from BJ who hit a 465-foot bomb to dead center to lead off the game an inning before. It would have been nice to you know see this when he played for the Bravos. Instead BJ was one of the main reasons the Bravos said fuck it and destroyed the team by trading everybody with a pulse in order to "rebuild." But hey it's great to see BJ enjoying sunny San Diego while his Padres get their dicks beat in by the Baltimore Orioles.