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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Evan Longoria As Spartacus With Girlfriend Jaime Edmondson

Just another tough day at the office for Tampa Bay Rays Evan Longoria. I honestly couldn't imagine the pain and suffering Longoria goes through on a daily basis. When you think your life is tough and in the dumps just think of what Longoria has to go through. To get paid millions to play a game and then have to go home to a Playboy bunny who dresses you up as Spartacus is no cup of tea. Poor guy. Via HotClicks

Ohio State Football Circle Jerk Before 2012 Spring Game

If you are a Buckeye fan this has to get your scarlet and grey panties in a bunch to see new head coach Urban Meyer firing up the troops in this amazing circle jerk. I've only heard rumors about circle jerks but to actually witness it for the first time in front of 80,000 plus fans is mind blowing. It looks like Urban Nation is going to be ready to roll in 2012. One circle jerk at a time.

USC Football Players Went To Class In Full Uniform

I'm not sure what is more funny. Seeing a USC football player in class (does that actually exist besides Ballroom Dancing 101?) or the complete pointless production of it all? Because make no mistake it's not funny to see QB Matt Barkley walking around in full uniform around the campus. Hell I would think 80% of the student population doesn't even recognize Barkley without his uniform because if you have ever been to a USC football game most of the students couldn't tell you who Reggie Bush is. But whatever. My point is FUSC. Via TheBigLead