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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Callie Bundy Can Throw a Better Spiral Than Reggie Ball/Nebraska QBs

First off we need to thank the inventor of yoga pants.  I'm too lazy to look it up but you, whomever it may be, single handedly have created something as valuable as air conditioning.  Yoga pants are an instant mood changer and have saved millions of lives while also destroying trillions of man swimmers.  Second off I don't give a shit if this Callie Bundy throws like she is shot putting a bean bag.  She has way more accuracy than Reggie Ball or any Nebraska QB for that matter could ever dream of.  And she also looks extremely hot doing it.  You don't think Calvin Johnson would have come back for another season on the Flats if Bundy here was throwing him the rock?  Absolute no brainer and it's probably what was the ultimate downfall of Chan Gailey at Tech.  And now since Nebraska has dog shit for a QB I suggest they recruit the hell out of Bundy.  Give her all the yoga pants she could ever want.  Make her the next Kathy Ireland of college football.  It's up to you Mike Riley.  Don't fuck it up.

You can check out more of Callie Bundy at her Instagram page you know for research purposes of course.