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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Nick Saban Has a Profanity Laced Hissy Fit With The Media About Playing Shitty Teams

I know there is always a method to the madness with Alabama head coach Nick Saban.  He's going off on the media to fire up his team and to stay focus on Charleston Southern this week.  Yes.  Charleston fucking Southern.  A FCS team.  A team with only 55 scholarship players.  While big ole Bama, the king of processing scholarships, is whining about having to face Charleston fucking Southern.  I get it Saban.  Georgia Southern ran all over your asses three years ago for over 300 yards and averaged 7 yards per carry.  But guess what?  Even after that shitty performance the media didn't drop you one spot in the rankings.  If that happens to anybody else, say TCU last week vs Kansas as an example, they drop in the rankings and are fighting for their lives.  But if Bama struggles with an inferior team they always, always, get a pass because frankly they deserve it because of their perception with the national media and fans.  So don't go off on the media Nick.  If anything you should be thanking them for constantly putting your team at the top of the mountain even when you lose at home to a very average Ole Miss team.

Good luck this week vs Charleston Southern.  They got a division 1 quarterback as you say.  If anything you should be #1 after this week for scheduling such a powerhouse this late in the season.