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Wednesday, February 09, 2011


North Carolina (+10.5) at Duke
This year is no different in ACC Basketball as UNC and Duke are the two best teams in the conference. Both teams have one loss in conference and whoever wins this game will more than likely win the regular season conference title. UNC is starting to come into their own. Harrison Barnes has been shining after struggling the first two months of the season. Look for Barnes to have a big game. Duke has been led by PG Nolan Smith who leads the ACC in points and assists. He would be the first player in ACC history to accomplish the feat. In what should be a classic game look for a high scoring affair that could come down to a last second shot. I like North Carolina as the heavy underdogs against their archrivals. Also a Moneyline bet on UNC to flat out win pays out 5.5-to-1 so you might want to go with the upset here.

Prediction: Duke 85 North Carolina 82

Louisville at Notre Dame (-4.5)
Holy shit can you believe Notre Dame is up to #7 in the country? Not too bad for a team who didn't receive a single vote in the preseason top 25 poll. Mike Brey's squad is 14-0 at the Joyce Center. Louisville is 3-3 on the road but one of those wins came at UCONN. You know head coach Rick Pitino will have the Cardinals ready for this game but I just can't see Notre Dame behind the stellar play of guard Ben Hansbrough losing this one on their home court.

Prediction: Notre Dame 74 Louisville 66

MONEYLINE PARLAY OF THE NIGHT: Take Texas, BYU, and Wisconsin all to win on the road. The payout is nearly 2-to-1 in games that SHOULD be all blowouts.


I guess if flash mobs are your thing this is pretty cool. This happened during the Kansas-Missouri game on Monday night and wasn't seen on TV. Next time they need to incorporate a stripper's pole. It would make it more interesting and realistic. Why realistic? Because once half these students are done with school and find out their degree won't nail them a job worth more than $35k a year they will soon be stripping and blowing dudes for cash in order to pay off those nasty student loans. And no I'm not being sexist. Those guys will be on their knees before you can cough Rock Chalk Cock Out.

Via ExtraMustard


This kind of shit never gets old for me. I can't help but laugh in anticipation for the face plant. Now don't get me wrong I hope the kid is ok and didn't have a bone sticking out of his ass but this kid deserved it right? I mean what kind of asshole tries to do a double backflip off a pogo stick? A fucking idiot that is who. This kid certainly won't be nailing any auditions for Cirque du Soleil much less girls with a face like that.


I'm all about trying new beers since I can get pretty bored with the usual water down beers during the cold months. My buddy Travis brought over an Imperial Stout beer made by SweetWater Brewing Company (Atlanta, GA) called "Happy Ending." It's mighty fucking tasty if I do say myself. It's got a 9.0% abv so you can't chug it like a normal light beer and honestly you don't want to because it tastes so damn good going down. It's got a roasty malt taste to it with almost a chocolate after taste to it. It goes down smooth in case you were wondering. Unfortunately there is no "happy ending" when it comes to the cost in your pocket as these 6 packs usually run about $9. It's worth a try nevertheless.

SportsCrack Grade: solid B+


I think we now know the name of the second gunmen on the grassy knoll. The 6-foot-3, 223-pound quarterback is a redshirt junior who has yet to throw a pass for the Huskies in a game. The kid obviously has deadly accuracy with no pads or helmet on. I think my favorite shot was the Domino's Pizza delivery guy.

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