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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


All of these come courtesy of Tom Dienhart's Tweets who apparently is a college football "writer" for Yahoo/Rivals...

If Texas and ND joined the Big Ten, the thought is they would request to play each other every year.
about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

If ND joins the Big Ten, there is talk the league wouldn't take any other Big East schools.
about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

And it sounds like the Big East may be pushing ND to discussions with the Big Ten. Play football in the Big East--or get out.
about 4 hours ago via web

Big Ten, Texas, ND are discussing a special rule to accommodate both schools. Instead of playing 8 league games, both would play 7.
about 4 hours ago via web

Latest Big Ten expansion buzz has the league focusing on Notre Dame, Texas, Nebraska.
about 4 hours ago via web

Listen I would love for Notre Dame and Texas to join the Big Ten and play each other every year but the special rule of 7 league games for the two of them is such bull shit I can't believe Dienhart would even "Tweet" it. I've come to the conclusion over the past 31 years that college football is a fucking mess because the NCAA doesn't control shit. I mean seriously why in the hell is Notre Dame still holding on to the independent status in football? I love Notre Dame football and all the tradition and everything about the school but they need to wake up and just join a conference. And the only reason why I want them to join a conference is so the Big Ten can expand to 16 teams and we can start moving toward an eventual playoff system.

I mean it's 2010 and we still have a bunch of greedy a-holes in charge of an archaic bowl system that doesn't mean shit. If the NCAA had any balls (which they don't as evidence with the lack of USC sanctions) they would give Notre Dame an ultimatum to join a conference like the rest of the free world (except Navy and Army) or they will never be given a chance to play for a National Title even if they go undefeated. Notre Dame fans are pretty much divided when it comes to joining a conference. Some love the idea. Some absolutely loathe joining the Big Ten. But guess what? All of them would get over it in about 20 minutes once Notre Dame finally caved and just joined the conference. The money will be more and the incentive to play for a conference championship is something the current football players could look forward to.

Ohio State AD Gene Smith made some good points to USA Today about Notre Dame joining the conference...

There has been speculation Notre Dame could again be approached. That strikes a chord with Ohio State's Smith, a Notre Dame alumnus.

"I've always struggled with my alma mater," he said. "I love them deeply, and the things I enjoy in life today are because of my experiences there, so my feelings run deep, really deep. If they end up being one of the schools, I hope that they would consider what a conference championship means to a young person.

"I was blessed to be there when we were winning national championships, as a coach and a player. The landscape has changed. … For me, I've just got to believe that for a Notre Dame football player, winning a conference championship and having that conference ring is a memorable experience, and then chasing a national championship. You can do both."

Some ND alums want to argue that Notre Dame would lose it's "brand" as a national university. No. It wouldn't. Just because the Yankees are in the American League East and the Duke Blue Devils are in the ACC and the Dallas Cowboys are in the NFC East doesn't mean they lost their "national brand." People are still going to love or hate Notre Dame throughout the world.

Personally I wish Notre Dame would join today because I think it would help create a huge domino effect. The Big Ten could get Texas, Missouri, Rutgers, and Pitt to make it a 16 team super conference with an incredible championship game in Chicago in the cold of December. Notre Dame could still play USC and Navy out of conference and would also create new rivalries with the likes of Texas, Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin, etc. This would be incredible. It would also force the SEC to expand and steal schools such as Miami, FSU, Clemson, and Georgia Tech from the ACC. The SEC would be absolutely sick. The PAC 10 could add Utah, BYU, Boise State, and UNLV among others so USC can still play a weak conference schedule every year and get their ass kicked with Lane Kiffin following the path of Paul Hackett's steps. The Big 12, Big East and ACC could join together for another conference of whomever is left after the Big Ten, SEC, and PAC 10 steals away their other teams.

That would make it 4 power conferences with 64 total teams. The other 50 plus schools who are 1-A or FBS or whatever the fuck you want to call it can either drop down to 1-AA or make their own conferences and play in all those bullshit bowl games that don't mean anything. The 4 conference winners then play in a playoff. Two semifinals. One final that would be bigger than the Super Bowl. You could fill in all of the other bowl games with teams who finished with at least 7 victories.

BAM. There you go. I just outbid Dienhart on his BS Big Ten rumors with my own mess of a scenario. Now go post this shit everywhere.


HolyTaco has some literal movie posters for all the summer shit coming to our screens this year. I thought this "Twilight" one was the funniest only because I've actually watched the first two movies (yes, I know, I'm gay, you win) and kind of enjoyed sleeping while watching them with the wife. The "Sex and the City" poster would have been great if they would have put the puppet from "Tales from the Crypt" on there instead of that retarded donkey.