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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Call me cynical, ignorant, or just plain stupid but I'm not buying anything Alex Rodriguez is saying. I don't think he is sorry for what he did. He is just sorry that he got caught. His pause at the 5:30 mark in the video stinks of bad acting. He doesn't give a shit about his teammates. He never has. When was the last time you heard a teammate vouch for him?

The only thing A-Roids cares about is himself. Sure he acts like he cares about others but he really doesn't. This is why the guy slaps gloves in the playoffs and plays innocent. He is a cheater on and off the field. Listen, I could give two shits about his personal life and what he decides to do with it. Your infidelity to your wife should be private and doesn't concern your teammates or the public. But if you really care so much about the game and your teammates you wouldn't put them in this situation in the first place by cheating with steroids.

I'm also not buying his claim he stopped using performance enhancing drugs once he reached New York. Who you trying to fool? Yourself or the public? He admits he couldn't handle the pressure in Texas with the huge contract. He confides he felt a need for a boost to prove to others he deserved the contract. So he started using illegal shit. But now that he is playing on the biggest stage with the most attention for the New York Yankees he suddenly stops? Sounds perfectly logical to me.

The one good thing about Rodriguez is that he has admitted to his mistake. Unlike Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro and numerous others who continue to hold on to their obvious lies of never using stuff while playing. Rodriguez, despite all of his faults is one hell of a baseball player just like those other cheaters. But their numbers they put up don't mean jack. Hank Aaron is still the true homerun king and should be acknowledged for it. Bonds 7 MVP's and Clemens 7 Cy Young's have as much value as their rookie cards. It's a shame that these players among many others cheated the game that paid them so well. They cheated us, the fans. We bought the tickets and merchandise and all the other stuff that came with the fake numbers and entertainment. We believed they were playing the game the right way.

They all fooled us except maybe Bonds at first. He blew up during his mid to late 30's. They managed to make people including myself sick of the game I grew up loving. I still love the game but I don't have any sympathy for those who cheated the game and themselves. And for this the only plaque they deserve should be in the Hall of Shame.


The new HBO series "Eastbound & Down" stars Danny McBride as pitcher Kenny Powers, a down and out one time superstar baseball pitcher. To say this show is funny would be an understatement. You really owe it to yourself to check it out. Here is the opening scene from Sunday's premiere...

Seeing Atlanta vs. Baltimore in the World Series is a joke in itself right now. The lines Powers spouts out throughout the show are of the good old boy nature that is pretty common down here in the South. He is essentially a funnier right handed version of John Rocker. Catch it on HBO, Sunday nights at 10:30 pm.

Video HT: MacGsWorld



Dejuan Blair and the Pitt Panthers literally took down Hasheem Thabeet and the #1 ranked UCONN Huskies last night 76-68. Blair was nasty all night finishing with 22 points and 23 boards with a first half domination of Thabeet. The Big East is loaded with top ranked teams again this year and with Pitt's first ever win over a #1 team it could have two teams get 1 seeds in the tourney. I still think North Carolina is the best team in the country when they decide to play but Pitt is going to be tough if they can get past the sweet 16.

So if you had a vote for the best team in the country right now who would you pick? Pitt? UCONN? Oklahoma? North Carolina? March Madness is just around the corner people. Thank God!

Video HT: FanIQ