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Thursday, September 03, 2009


Yesterday I demanded pictures of Sportscrack shirts with either famous people or in front of famous sites and my old college roommate Josh came through with both. Josh is seen sporting the 9 Tough Shamrock shirt in Moscow's Red Square with his lovely fiance Anya whom you may recognize as the #10 case model on the show Deal or No Deal. It's great to see our shirts making an impact in former Communist regimes. Hell, our shirt probably helped cause the collapse of those Commie bastards. Capitalism baby! Anywho, I just got tickets 16 rows behind the Atlanta Falcons bench to go see old #9 himself, Zibby, in action for the Baltimore Ravens at the Dome. Don't worry, I will be taping tonight's college action to make sure I covered my bets. I could really care less about the first game between NC State and South Carolina but I sure as shit don't want to miss the Boise State/Oregon clash on the blue turf tonight.

Get your 9 Tough Shamrock shirt by clicking on the picture below...


All week I haven't been able to get this song out of my head. I haven't gotten any sleep because I have been bouncing off the fucking walls like I did an 8 ball with DJ AM. But we know that can't be because the guy is fucking dead. It's all because college football is finally starting. The time bomb is ticking. Time. Bomb. Ticking. Nah nah. Now try to get it out of your head. Welcome to my world.


Tonight our long, pitiful wait for college football is finally over as we have two interesting games on the schedule with NC State vs South Carolina and Oregon visiting the Smurfs of Boise State. I'm giddy in anticipation and actually kind of shocked with the Boise State-Oregon line. As I mentioned earlier this week Oregon is my PAC-10 sleeper and as of this moment they are 5 point dogs to the Smurfs. So if you want to know what my first bet is this college football season it has to be Oregon with the +5. Jeremiah Masoli and the Oregon Ducks will be facing their highest rated road opener since 1975 when they played at #1 Oklahoma. The over/under is 66 and although I think it will be a shootout I'm taking the under.

Oregon +5
Under 66

The NC State/South Carolina looks like a snooze fest. Both of those programs have always bored me. Erin Andrews will be seen for the first time since the peeping tom video. Presumably with clothes this time. The game is in Raleigh but when it comes to ACC vs. SEC I always take the safe bet and go with the power conference. The Cocks are +5 in this game, take them. QB Stephen Garcia will be impressive when he isn't doing keg stands and Eric Norwood will have a couple of sacks.

South Carolina +5

I'm so happy college football is starting tonight I just can't hold it in anymore. Why must I cry?....

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